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France continues to provide most of the planet’s actually nice wines and there is a unit few “wine connoisseurs” UN agency would dispute that. Names like Beaucastel, Coche-Dury, Pétrus, Margaux, or Haut-Brion, simply to call many, area unit amongst the foremost commemorated brands within the world and that they area unit all “made in France”. Also, wine tours area unit over ever a travel trend and wine aficionados visiting Paris ensure to dam an additional day or 2 in their agenda to go to the encircling wine regions of Champagne, Bordeaux, Chablis or Bourgogne.

The good news is that French wine, except for being exceptionally smart, additionally comparatively low-cost if bought in France numerous wine lovers visiting the country and its wineries are going to be tempted to shop for one bottle (or two) to savour the drink of the Gods also at home.

Whether you’re a visiting France’s wine regions or on you’re thanks to a picnic with friends, you wish your bottles to arrive intact to its final destination. Here’s a list of the best wine travel bags and wine bags for air travel as well as our best wine packaging tips for travelling with wine like a pro.


If you’re a wine skilled otherwise you travel usually with wine, it’s a decent plan to take a position in an exceedingly resistant and sturdy wine suitcase. as a result of you would like to move wine on the road or wine in checked bags, you would like to create certain the bottles area unit well-padded to handle any impacts your bag could encounter.

If you would like to move liquids in checked baggage, your wine travel bag needs to be compliant with transport rules. Consistent with the government agency, you’ll be able to travel with a vast quantity of alcohol in checked bags as long as every bottle is below pure gold alcohol by volume, and fits at intervals the airline’s weight rules.

The wine suitcases below have completely different characteristics and capacities. All the models are bought on Amazon; therefore, we have a tendency to suggest reading fastidiously the merchandise descriptions, reviews and answered inquiries to notice the most effective product for your wants.

VinGarde Valise Grande (12 bottles)

VinGardeValise (VGV) has been on the market since 2014 as an avid wine travelling bag for oenophiles happy to come home with their best wine findings (up to 12 x 750mL bottle). Its construction and nonobligatory inserts create it potential to use this wine check baggage as each a transport system for liquids or different personal things. The VinGarde overnight case is maybe the most effective wine travelling bag within the market.

Main Features’

  1. Conforms to all applicable TSA, FAA and Airline Standards
  2. Holds up to 12 x 750mL bottles of any shape (also full-size mountain cabernet and Pinot bottles)
  3. Customizable: space not used for wine can be used for clothes or other personal items
  4. Weight fully loaded: less than 20kg (less than 50 lbs)
  5. Highly Durable 100% Polycarbonate Shell.
  6. Dimensions: w-h-l: 32 x 69 x 44.5 cms (12.5 x 27 x 17.5 inches)
  7. The suitcase is sold with outer straps

T.Z. Case International Wheeled Wine Case (7 bottles)

This wine travel suitcase could be a smaller model specially designed for wine lovers to move their special wines safely and handily. T.Z’ Wine Case is elegant, waterproof, mud resistant, and with a foam cushiony interior which may be removed. Though it’s not marketed as “TSA Approved”, users within the U.S. are travelling with it in domestic and international flights with none drawback. this can be with none doubt a wonderful wine carrier suitcase that may be used conjointly for your personal things if you take away the froth within.

Main Features:

  1. Elegant design
  2. Holds up to 7 x 750mL bottles
  3. Customizable space inside (foam padded interior can be removed)
  4. Weight fully loaded: less than 15kg (less than 33 pounds)
  5. High grade moulded polypropylene, Shell.
  6. Dimensions w-h-l: 47 x 41 x 19 cms (18.7 x 15.35x 7.88 inches)
  7. Dust and water resistant


Leather Wine Luggage (8 – 12-16)

Looking for less modern design? Provence Wine fit proposes superb vintage suitcases fabricated from coloured animal skin. This elegant grip comes with a protecting metallic element framework utterly cushiony and foam protection against temperature variations sturdy} wheels and handles, therefore, you’ll be able to make sure it’s a resistant and robust grip. Wine fit is accessible in 3 completely different sizes to hold 8 – 12 and 16 wine bottles and it’s compliant with international standards for liquid and alcohol air transportation and it’s one among the simplest ways in which to travel safely with wine.

Main Features:

  1. Vintage, elegant design
  2. 100% top quality leather
  3. Holds up 8 to 16 x 750mL bottles
  4. Customizable space inside (padded interior can be removed)
  5. Robust, protective aluminium framework
  6. Dimensions 12 and 16 bottles model: 36cm x 34cm x 80cm (14,2 in x 13,4 in x 31,5 in)
  7. Dimensions 8 bottles model: 36cm x 34cm x 44cm (14.2 x 13.4 x 17.3 in)


Wine Check Complete Set (12 bottles)

If you usually transport an oversized variety of wine bottles on visits, it’s worthwhile to speculate within the Wine Check Complete Set. Made from sturdy, high-quality Cordura nylon with strengthened handicraft, Wine Check protects your wine whereas moving. This wine baggage for aeroplane travel is meant to surround your wine during a polystyrene case and wine shipper box (included) within the secure soft case. Wine Check bag is foldaway once the shipper box is removed, therefore you’ll be able to simply work it within another travel baggage. Its carrying handles and pulls strap with wheels build this wine carrying case terribly straightforward to use.

Main Features:

  1. Elegant design
  2. Foldable (if shipper box removed)
  3. Holds up to 12 x 750mL bottles
  4. Attached wheels and strap make it easy to roll
  5. 12-bottle styrofoam case and cardboard shipper box
  6. Weight fully loaded: less than 20kg (less than 50 pounds)
  7. High-quality Cordura nylon with reinforced stitching.
  8. Dimensions w-h-l: 41 x 44 x 55 cms (16 x 17 x 22 inches)
  9. This set includes a black Wine Check and 12-bottle wine shipper box.


Wine Check Elite (6-12 bottles)

If you likeable Wine Check Complete set you’ll love their new model, Wine Check Elite. This wine travel case is smaller, additional resistant, additional versatile and it comes with a telescopic handle. With Wine Check Elite you’ll be able to check half-dozen bottles of wine employing a commonplace 6-bottle wine shipper box, or place a 12-bottle ‘case’ box within, or use the removable cushioned 12-bottle inserts. This wine check bag is foldaway once the shipper box is removed, thus you’ll be able to simply work it within another travel baggage. Wine Check Elite is one in all the simplest wine baggage for wine travel and vital bag for wine lovers and wine professionals.

Main Features:

  1. Compliant with international air travel regulations for checking wine and alcohol in the hold
  2. Elegant design
  3. Foldable (if shipper box removed)
  4. Versatile, for 6 or 12 x 750mL bottles
  5. Attached wheels and telescopic handle
  6. High-quality 1680D Ballistic Nylon.
  7. Dimensions w-h-l: 29 x 38 x 47.5 cms (11.4 x 15 x 18.7 inches)
  8. This set includes a 6-bottle wine shipper box and a removable padded 12-bottle inserts

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