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New to Open a Bottle of Wine? Avoid making these top Wine-Bottle opening mistakes!

by Wine Lover
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Wine-Bottle opening

Any newbies to the world may be skeptical of all of the “rules” that they encounter. There is so much information out there about what you should and shouldn’t do with your wines that it may be overwhelming. It may almost seem as if opening the bottle of wine in the first place is an unnecessary step. You should simply keep it clean and put it away for the rest of your life.


Of course, that’s going a little too far. There is no one “correct” method to consume a bottle of wine. As long as you like the experience, everything is OK in our opinion.

Wine-Bottle opening

Mistakes newbies make while opening a bottle of wine

Having said that, there are still a few things you can do to improve your wine-drinking experience. As any sommelier will tell you, proper storage and pouring can have a surprising impact on a bottle of wine.


But did you know that the manner you open the bottle may have a big impact on the wine?

Many do not, which is why we wrote this post. Now, the purpose of this blog is just to provide some kind of advice. Avoid these blunders if you want to get the most out of your wine, but none are so bad that they will ruin your pleasure.


Wine Mistake 1: Allowing the Cork to Enter the Wine

Because of its natural characteristics and its completely recyclable, cork is an excellent material for use as a stopper. However, it is also breathable, which means it enables some air to enter the bottle over time. Depending on the wine and its present age, this may both assist and impede the aging process.


However, cork may degrade the quality of a wine in a more particular manner. And that’s all due to how hard you yank it out of the bottle.


When removing a cork from a bottle, you must use a little more careful touch than you would think. If you push the screw in too far, it may go right through the cork, resulting in a lot of little fragments in the wine. Pushing down too forcefully may result in the cork falling into the wine.


In both instances, the cork wreaks havoc on the wine’s appearance. If the wine is older, you’ll have to be extra careful since the cork degrades with time and may collapse under too much pressure.


So, the first big error that many people make when uncorking wine is applying too much force and pressure. Consistent and moderate pressure is essential for preventing the cork from getting into your wine.


Wine Mistake 2:  Twisting the Bottle Rather Than the Cork

This is a frequent error, and many expert wine drinkers make it as well. You may be twisting the bottle instead of twisting the cap while unscrewing a cap or a cork. This is by no means a significant problem. However, it does stir up the contents of the bottle, which may alter the color of the wine.


When opening Champagne, twisting the bottle may potentially create complications. While not as terrible as shaking, the twisting action may nevertheless cause foam to erupt from the bottle.


Wine Mistake 3: Using the Corkscrew

We’ve all seen someone pop the cork on a bottle of Italian sparkling wine or Champagne. It’s an eye-catching moment, particularly because it typically results in a shower of wine bursting out from the bottle.


However, popping the cork is a problem for more reasons than you may think.


The most apparent is the issue of safety. The cork bursts out of the bottle at a rapid pace, and you have no control over where it lands. As a result, when you pop the cork, you have the potential to inflict severe harm.


Furthermore, the act of bursting the cork creates certain problems with your wine. After all, shaking the wine creates the pressure required to pop the cork in the first place. The wine is harmed by the shaking, which causes it to lose its fizz. You get the pop and gush, but also a bad wine-drinking experience.


Wine Mistake 4: Leaving it Open

When you open a bottle of wine, air rushes inside and begins to alter the color of the wine. This oxidation may be an important part of the process, but allowing it to happen too much might create severe problems with the wine.


Simply stated, you can’t go wrong when it comes to opening a bottle of wine. However, leaving the wine bottle open for a long amount of time is definitely a mistake.


This isn’t too much of a problem if the bottle has a screwcap. Simply put on the hat, and you’re ready to go. If you’re truly worried about the wine’s quality, you might even employ a vacuum pump to remove extra air.


It’s a bit more difficult when the bottle is corked. With a little care, you may be able to reinsert the cork. However, it is not a perfect solution. However, if you are not going to drink it all in one day, it is critical to reseal the bottle. If the wine is not sealed, it loses quality over time.

The Last Word

It’s not exactly a science to open a bottle of wine. However, many people are surprised by how much some of these errors may influence the flavor of the wine that you end up drinking. If you want to get the most out of your wine, we suggest doing all you can to prevent these blunders.

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