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Back IN ITALY the BtoB of European wine organized by EMW CONGRESS EU, Poland, Gdansk

The most awaited BtoB of the month returns, after 3 years, in Italya at DoubleTree by Hilton Milan Malpensa Solbiate Olona. Event organized by the group: EMW CONGRESS EU, Poland, Gdansk,

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On 03 March 2023 from 08.00 am to 06:00 pm one of the most awaited BtoB of the month returns, after 3 years, in Italya at DoubleTree by Hilton Milan Malpensa Solbiate Olona. Event organized by the group: EMW CONGRESS EU, Poland, Gdansk, which will see gathered on this single day 40 wineries from: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Hungary ready to offer their best wines to 25 potential buyers, importers and distributors. Potential buyers from: UK, Italy, Czech Rep, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, and Albania. Among the important guests in the international sector there will also be Mr. Sebastiano Ramello, wine expert and international consultant who for years has been promoting Italian wines in the world and selecting wines for importers and distributors in the main continents such as: Asia, America and Europe.

Sebastiano Ramello

The event will be dedicated both to the Horeca sector, catering, and to the GDO sector of large-scale retail trade. The EMW CONGRESS EU has been organizing events in the wine sector for eight years now, focusing mainly on Italy, Holland, Poland, Ukraine and Spain. Specifically in Italy in the past they have organized BtoB events in the wine sector in Milan and in the beautiful Bologna.

We now ask Mr. Piebe de Jong owner of the company that organizes the wine event: “what do you expect from this wine event?”

“We expect both the wineries and the invited buyers to be satisfied, that the importers and distributors will find what they are looking for and in this way new markets can be opened up for the participating wineries.

Only in this way can the event continue over the years”.

“Can you tell me exactly how the event will take place?”.

“We begin in the morning with the registration of participants, then each wineries will takes its own table. The buyers receive the printed catalog and the meetings with producers begin. Each time we ask the buyers to visit the maximum number of wineries to give everyone a chance. During the day there is access to points with coffee / tee, and lunch, usually buffet”.

“What do you think about the evaluation of organizing BtoB wine events in emerging Countries such as: India; China, Taiwan, South East Asia, etc…”.

“Before the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic we had considered the possibility of organizing similar events in emerging countries, but then the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine have led us to stop, at least for now, possible projects outside the Europe”.

“Have you ever considered organizing a wine event in India, where to bring European wineries?”.

“Yes, we also thought about it because India is a country that is growing and is increasingly attentive to quality wines, but here too the pandemic has changed many of our plans, at least for now.

During the Pandemic we organized online meetings between European wineries and potential Asian buyers”.

“Have you ever considered putting Indian wineries in contact with European buyers?”.

“Yes, we have thought about it, but we need the right interlocutor to build a bridge between Indian wineries and our promote company. Someone who knows India well, the Indian wine production territories but above all knows how to make our two different cultures, the European and the Indian interact together.

I am sure there can be a lot of sales space for Indian products here in Europe. Indian wines in Europe are still mostly unknown but in many regions the Indian communities are more and more numerous.

At the moment, outside Europe, we have begun to inform wineries in Chile, Argentina, RPA of our existence and organization, perhaps the next ones will be the Indian ones”.


One of the people, thanks to his decades of knowledge, who could create the right bridge between Indian wineries, associations and wine clubs born in recent years in the main states in India and Europe is Mr. Sebastiano Ramello who for years he has been involved in promoting wine territories and wineries in the world. Let’s ask Mr. Ramello: “which main wines will you be looking for on March 3 to be introduced in your selection and for your customers around the world?”

“I will be attentive to every new innovation proposed, as always to the quality and price ratio, but above all I will be looking for wines with a histamine content of less than 0.5mg/litre, wines that can become part of the Low Histamines project that I have been pursuing for years. Wines which, thanks to their quality and uniqueness, as indicated by various doctors and nutritionists, can also be recommended for those sensitive to wines and food intolerant to histamines”.


For those who are not yet familiar with Mr. Sebastiano Ramello’s research and wine and food intolerance project, below you can find all the information on the website and blog: www.lowhistamines.com.

Besides this event which will be held on March 03 in Italy, on April 20 – 2023 there will be a similar event in Warsaw, Poland. Dedicated to Eastern Europe for which there will be buyers from Poland, Czech Rep, Baltic Rep and maybe Ukraine.

Mr. Piebe de Jong always explains to us: “Indian wineries that are interested in entering Europe should choose their representative, a professional, even of European origins who can attend the BtoB in Milan (Malpensa) in order to understand how the event and its great potential. For the near future, a space could be created only for Indian wines so that our potential buyers can get to know it. Furthermore, several wineries together, thanks to a common representative, can purchase a single space in so you can share expenses and also travel and hotel expenses”.


On behalf of myself and all our readers, I thank Mr. Piebe de Jong and Mr. Sebastiano Ramello for this interview hoping to see you soon here in India.

(For wineries and potential importers and distributors who are interested in learning more, they can contact Mr. Sebastiano Ramello at the E-Mail: piemontewine@yahoo.it)

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