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The beauty of Tuscany, you should visit all for enjoy your weekend

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Since the fantastic concoction of wine was discovered as early because the 9th century B.C., folks are captivated by its fullness or body, to own with bubbles or while not and easily, its bouquet. variant tracts of lands are dedicated to the cultivation of the right grape and generations of families have therefore been committed to tending those vines. The families United Nations agency has taken the post of those vineyards throughout the famed, Italian wine region of Tuscany are not an exception to the bequest arranged down behind them. Here’s our selection for eight of the foremost jaw-droppingly lovely vineyards to go to in Tuscany…

Castello di Ama

Ama takes its name from Associate in Nursing agricultural hamlet, that 5 centuries agone was the hub of a farming and trade business overseen by a gaggle of native families. Castello DI AMA was founded in the 1970s by a group of families who had fallen under the spell of this magical spot. They set themselves the task of restorative Ama’s past glories and of manufacturing a Chianti Classico that might rank among the world’s most prestigious wines. guided tours of the distillery introduce guests to the inner workings of this leading Chianti estate in conjunction with a number of the encompassing history, together with the traditional chapels within the village of Ama and therefore the 18th-century Pianigiani and Ricucci villas. A visit to the farm can highlight that the essence of wine isn’t simply the creating however conjointly the environment.

Poggio Antico

Poggio Antico is proof that behind actually nice trade may be a combination of dedicated people, respect for nature and delightful landscapes. the event of the estate began within the late 1970s and also the construction of the intensive cellar began. The enthralling great thing about this explicit space of Italian region is that the excellent setting for the creation of the luxurious wines that come back from this farm. With AN attribute supported on prime quality and a commitment to flavour, it’s no marvel that the people behind Poggio Antico have created one amongst the foremost delicious wines to come back out of the region.

Castiglion del Bosco

Nestled against the facet of a hill, nearly fully out of sight, the new cellar of the Castiglion del Bosco vinery, coaxes the most effective from the grapes, whereas knowledgeable eyes, and choose the best fruit to travel into their notable bottles of wine. so as to expertise all that Castiglion del Bosco has got to supply, you’ll visit their vinery for an intensive radio-controlled tour however if that looks a touch too far-flung, you’ll continuously sign on to their wine club and be part of their international Wine Friend community.


Astonishingly the vines at Carmignano are cultivated since the pre-Roman era since then the wine-making trade of the realm went from strength to strength with celebrated names including; Medici, Biscotti and DE Rothchild all having a hand in its success. With the Contini Bonacossi presently at the helm, it’s no surprise that the farm produces a number of the world’s best wines, steeped in history and heritage, it’s no surprise they style thus sweet.

Poggio al Casone

The Poggio al Casone vineyard has been the supply of continual renovations, foremost within the 1960s by Sarti- the creator of the genus Vespa engine so by the Castellani family, United Nations agency turned the estate into one in all the foremost celebrated ones on the Chianti coast. The estate has developed such a significant reputation that it also hosts the experimental vineyards of the University of Pisa which are dedicated to the research and preservation of local vine varieties. But the family are not keeping the secret of their success under wraps, visitors can indulge in cooking classes, wine harvesting, tasting sessions and most interestingly, yoga among the vines. Thus creating an experience for mind, body, and spirit!

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