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The one of the oldest wineries in India, little story about Grover Zampa

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One of the oldest wineries in India, Grover vineyards (GZ) came upon in 1988 with 1992 as their initial winning vintage. With over 200,000 cases beneath production nowadays, it stands second in volume to Sula that is out and away the leading and also the most visible whole across India at this time.

As updated by the corporate officers, over the years, substantial investment has gone into Grover Zampa by approach of merger with Vallée de Vin based out of Nashik (owned by Ravi Jainist, Deepak Roy and Neeraj Deorah) in 2012 that alongside Grovers hold 28% stake within the company (the name Zampa was more on to Grovers when this merger, the name is taken from Vallée de Vin, Zampa vary of wines).

This association has paved way for the company to expand into Maharashtra and more importantly access the influential market of Mumbai (which is regarding 3 hours drive south-west towards the coast), except Nandi Hills in Karnataka (Deccan plateau) wherever traditionally they need forever had a dominating presence.

Another 19% stakes are closely-held by Reliance and in 2016, Singapore primarily based Visvires Capital surpass Ravi Vishwanathan nonheritable 32% stake within the company (French winemaker Edouard Labruyère has conjointly gained access to investment through this route also). The balance is command amongst smaller investors. Roughly 800,000 litres of wine area unit processed at this time and with the further unused capability of tanks, this could be taken to up to 1,500,000 litres within the returning years.


Grover Vineyards contains a unique style because it pertains to the art of winemaking. Michel Rolland, the premier wine adviser within the world these days, has been Associate in nursing authority to the corporate since 1995. His uncanny ability for producing wines that are supple, rich, luxurious and distinct have helped catapult Grover Vineyards to the terribly prime of the sphere.

White wines

Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier are the two white wines on supply from the company. Grapes are measure hand-picked meticulously and once obtaining eliminates the excess bits, the juice is separated from the skin. Care is taken to reduce skin contact with the juice because the gratuitous colour comes from the skin. Temperature stabilization is carried out and yeasts are introduced to the juice. The yeasts transform the sugar within the liquid to alcohol. Once fermentation is over, the juice is affected by one instrumentality to the opposite to clear the wine utterly. A final spherical of filtration later, the white wines square measure set for bottling.

Red wines

The procedure to make red wine varies a tad bit from the aforementioned one. after grape choice and crushing, the juice is left up-to-date with seeds and its skins to achieve colour. Upon completion of temperature stabilization and fermentation, the wine is once more left with skin and seeds (pomace) to extract even any colour and tannins. when transferring the juice from one instrumentation to the opposition between 8 and 10 times, mixing is disbursed. Before bottling, a final filtration is finished to ensure the standard of the wine.


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