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How Big Should Your Wine Cellar Be?

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When you are planning a wine cellar, it is obvious that you are all up for extravagance and opulence. So, while planning the design, it is very easy to get swept away by the overwhelming urge to create something big and spectacular. But practically, you need to know how big your wine cellar you want to be. Well, even though this is a basic consideration you have to make, but it is a crucial one.

Why Does the Size of the Wine Cellar Matter?

While creating a wine cellar, you are actually designing a place where you will be storing wine for giving them the right environment to grow and attain the perfect taste and aroma. Now, it is necessary to decide a size as the wine cellar will be customized according to that. Depending on the size you have for your wine cellar you can get the right number of racks. Also, decorating the interior of the cellar will depend on the size too. The cooling unit that you will be getting for your wine cellar should be of the right size too as per the size of the cellar too so that the temperature and humidity can be controlled properly.

So, as you can see, deciding the size of the wine cellar is very important when you are working on wine cellar design. Hiring an agency like Wine Cellars of Houston can be helpful in this matter too.

Now, if you are wondering how you will be calculating the right size for your wine cellar, you need to take a look at the following points.


Calculating the Size of the Wine Cellar

When you are planning to have a wine cellar, the basic formula for calculating the size is NxY+C.

N stands for the number of the bottle that you will buy every year.

Y stands for how long these bottles will be stored in the cellar for reaching their perfect taste and aroma.

C stands for the number of bottles you have in your collection currently.

How are you going to calculate them? Take a look.

Bottles Per Year

If you are an oenophile, you surely don’t waste any opportunity to get your hands on the bottles of some amazing wines from different regions. So, every year, surely you make a list of the wines that you want to have in your collection. And you already have an idea of how many bottles you will be collecting in one year.

Time They Need

The next consideration for you is how much time these wine bottles will need for aging properly. When it comes to aging, different wines will need a different period of time for reaching their perfect age and attain the desired taste and aroma. Now, generally, an oenophile considers picking up bottles that need different times for maturing. Once you know how much longer these wines will need to be stored, you will know when the space will be ready for storing more bottles with the already mature wines getting poured for you or your guests.

Current Collection

Currently, the collection you have is also a big consideration. Depending on how many bottles you already have, you will be investing in the ones that you want to have maybe in a year. So, an average number of bottles will always be there in your collection. Thus, the cellar should be spacious enough to house these numbers of bottles with available space for some new additions.

What Does Depend on the Size?

To be precise, everything depends on the size of the wine cellar. In this respect, you also need to know that the location of the cellar is important too. You can use the cellar even more effectively by choosing wall-mounted wine racksthat will save a lot of space for you. You will have to choose the furniture depending on the space size too.

The best way to deal with this is to hire an expert agency that will have a perfect idea about how to build a wine cellar of the right size along with providing wine cellar racks, wine cellar doors and furniture.

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