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How climate changes the Wine Production

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Climate change in recent times has become a major issue and it’s effect on wine production has the geographical location and trends of winemaking. Climate change is one of the key factor in grape and wine production that greatly affect the yield of grapes and quality of wine production.

“ The grapevine is a very temperature sensitive plant. If the climate keeps getting warmer, the wine we make will be different.”

Miguel A. Torres

Climate data of the last 100 years has shown that global temperatures are gradually beginning to rise with a linear warming trend of 0.74 ⁰C per hundred years and this is anticipated to affect viticulture all over the world having both positive and negative effects on the various wine regions of the world.

● As in England where in last 20 years we can’t imagine to drink a wine made of English land. But in previous eight years due to increase in temperature England’s area under vine had double of about 2,330 hectares.
● Tasmania being Australia’s one of coolest region turn into workplace for various prestigious wine makers. As due to climate change it becomes one of the best place to produce elegant Limits and different White Alsatian Varieties.

Thus winegrowers should always ready for new adaption in viniculture. Due to pollution (CO2) temprature of almost region is increases which leads to the fast maturity of grapes, High Sugar level. This can harm the characteristics of various grapes and its wines. So to up reputation winegrowers should stay ready to save the characteristics of wines.

“Winegrowing needs to adapt to new climatic circumstances, moving vineyards north in search of higher elevations and cooler temperatures. This is what we have been doing in Catalonia for the past 20 years. For example, we bought land at an elevation of 1,200 meters in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It isn’t possible to grow grapes there yet, but we
are convinced that in the future this new setting will provide an immense opportunity for certain varieties.”

Miguel A. Torres



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