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Connemara Cask Strength Whiskey

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Connemara Cask Strength Whiskey

Connemara Cask Strength is an Irish products.Connemara Cask Strength is a Special Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey. It is favourite Connoisseur’s choice.

“Connemara, on the western shores of Ireland, is a region of rugged natural beauty. In the 18th and 19th centuries distillers in this area produced distinctively flavoured whiskeys from malted barley kilned over peat fires. Connemara Peated Single Malt revives that age-old tradition and heritage. Connemara Cask Strength concentrates all the natural bouquet and flavours of the whiskey to powerfully evoke the aromas of the sea breezes and peat fires of Connemara.”

-from Connemara Cask Strength Bottle

Connemara Cask is one most popular brands of Irish Whiskey. This is due its unique Taste, Notes and it’s originality. It is often hard to get 100% original wine that too with a best Taste. Every wine lover might want to taste it once, because of its originality and taste.The Cask Strength bottling of Connemara was recently awarded the prestigious title of “Worlds Best Un-Aged Irish Single Malt” at the 2008 World Whisky Awards.

Connemara Cask Strength offers a unique experience to taste Connemara in its unaltered state. The ingredients are simply 100% malted barley, water and yeast, distilled in small batches using copper pot stills.Complex aromas of malt and fruits giving way to the intensifying full bodied peat, this is due to nature of distillation that gives unique
experience and tend to have more flavour.

Here’s some of Irish wine which you must check it out. Connemara Whiskey

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