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In wine there is an ingredient called Resveratrol, because of which a glass of red wine per day as an insider tip for a longer life. According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the US.

The positive effect of resveratrol on the human body has been virtually disproved in a long-term study. 800 elderly people living in vineyards in Tuscany were observed for 9 years. They drank a glass of red wine every evening, all of them were older than 64 years at the first survey and their health condition was strictly documented.

The next controls took place after 3, 6 and 9 years. At the time of the second survey, 34.2% of subjects were already deceased, including, of course, the majority older, who were less moved, but no above-average smokers or drinkers.

An effect of resveratrol on their health could not be demonstrated. Also, the subjects who were still alive after 9 years had no measurable positive influence in contrast to people of the age group who did not drink wine. Wine is not a magic pot, but it tastes good.

A glass of wine for beauty

Girls, you can save hours in front of the mirror and in the bathroom before going out! Drink a glass of wine and you are equally much more attractive to your environment. This was confirmed by a study of Bristol University. The researchers suspect that this is due to the relaxing effect of the wine.

After small amounts, the pupils dilate, and the facial muscles relax, the face becomes more open. In the case of more alcohol, the effect can already fly again or turn around, the quantity is here the decisive point. So get away with the creams and makeup, go with the wine!

Source: https://sommelierboutique.com/blogs/news/does-wine-make-life-longer-and-beautiful

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