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The Most Impressive Wineries In The World

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Whatever your idea, a great winery frequently comes with a beautiful landscape, so the best wineries in the world aren’t that far from some of the world’s most beautiful places.


Different wineries on this list might be increasingly productive, they may have better reputations for their wine and they might be easier to reach however no other is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and few would contend that some other have a better location. The Lavaux Vineyards lie along 30km of the shores of Lake Geneva and can be followed back to the 11th century.


In spite of the fact that a considerable lot of the best wineries in the world are right here in Australia, few cool-climate regions have developed as fast in reputation and significance as Victoria’s Yarra Valley. To locate a world-class winery inside a day trip of a major city is a rarity. To discover one with the reputation of Yarra Yering is even rarer. Despite the fact that the Yarra Valley is thick with dairies, fruit orchards, breweries and informal lodging, this foodie paradise is best known for its wines, with Yarra Yering one of the most awarded and respected. Established in 1973 by Bailey Carrodus, one of the pioneers of Australian winemaking, Yarra Yering saw Sarah Crowe become the first lady to win winemaker of the year in a perfect example of tradition and breaking trends.


No list of the world’s best wineries would be complete without in any event one from California’s Napa Valley. As far back as the legendary Judgment of Paris blind tasting competition in 1976 in which the European judges accidentally named Californian wines as superior to the French and unintentionally globalized the world of wine, wineries like Chateau Montelena have been setting the pace for the world to follow. Prestigious as one of the oldest and most picturesque of Napa’s wineries, Chateau Montelena offers tours, tastings and cellar door sales in its distinctive Gothic castle chateau with private lake and grounds. An absolute must-see on any Napa Valley visit.


While numerous New Zealand wineries could be candidates for the best winery in the world, Chard Farm stands separated for several reasons. Right off the bat, it is an estate that could be appreciated by any teetotaller. Spread more than five vineyards in the Central Otago region, the main piece of New Zealand that experiences a mainland climate, Chard Farm is a family-run operation that channels the best of the region into their bottles.


Named for the large gem-like stones developing in the winery’s 18th estate, this prestigious French winery is found 25 miles north-west of Bordeaux in the heart of the Haut Médoc region and has been since quite a while ago eminent for its area and grand estate with respect to its wines. A comparatively small winery, Ducru Beaucaillou was set up in the mid 18th century and is viewed as probably the finest vineyard in Bordeaux, and a classic case of French winemaking getting it done. While there are dozens of wineries in this region of France, Ducru Beaucaillou is one of the most striking, arranged ignoring the Gironde estuary in a castle still possessed by the winery’s owners it’s a tasteful old-school case of grand cru-grade winemaking, the culmination of centuries of harvests.

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