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More media coverage for your winery and hospitality brand

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Media coverage is vital to any brand’s prosperity, yet this point is especially important to the hospitality business here in the North Bay.

All things considered, the two travelers and local people alike depend on articles, blog posts, and online reviews when booking their hotels, winery tours, and café reservations.

The hospitality business in Wine Country is developing. With more hotels, eateries, bottling works, refineries, and wineries than at any other time, exposure matters if a business endeavors to emerge. Writers and journalists in hospitality are stretched dainty. With short deadlines, late-night writing sprees, and a variety of themes to cover in the North Bay, writers are hoping to highlight brands that make their activity a little bit easier.

Instead of calling a tasting room for data about the latest wine release or going into a restaurant to find out about an event, they prefer to simply visit a business’ website to discover more data about the subject matter.

In the event that you don’t have a media section yet, or simply need to revamp yours, here are some things you have to realize while creating a media section for your hospitality website:

1. Add a link to your press section on the homepage of your website, at the bottom.

There is a reason why this is the first bullet point. The most significant thing to remember is to make this page simple to discover for busy journalists.

2. Make sure to have a range of copy on this webpage.

Start off with a paragraph about your business, at that point the contact data for PR, awards or accolades, and reality sheets with background information on your products or services. Timber Cove Inn in Jenner, has a “Press and Accolades” page on the base of its website for anybody searching for more information.

3. Include imagery.

At the point when media members investigate your press page, this might be the primary concern bringing them to your website. Make a point to have later and high-resolution logos, labels, and an exhibition (both level and vertical pictures) with different evergreen and regular pictures of the items, the area, the proprietors, bottle shots of your smash hit wines, and so forth.

4. Please don’t make media/trade sign in to get access to all of the information.

I understand that a few brands need to ensure they know who’s getting this information, yet it’s a step that members of the media or trade won’t have any desire to deal with. Particularly, in the event that they are on a deadline..

5. Not as important as the others, but make this page mobile-friendly.

Salespeople might get data about your wines in a hurry, so you need to make it easy for them to view details from their phone.

6. Last and equally important to the first point: When a member of the media or trade emails you, please make sure to email them back.

Having a media/trade segment on your website isn’t only for bigger wineries, large café gatherings, salons with multiple locations, or corporate hotels. Also, it isn’t only for hospitality marks that work with PR agencies. Any hospitality business that is looking to get press or connect with members of their trade ought to have a finished media page on their website.

Trust me, journalists will thank you for having the majority of your information in one place. What’s more, they will remember how (in)accessible your image’s information is – it’s ideal to leave with a decent impression.

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