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Orange wine producers list in the world

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Most orange winemaking can be located in northeastern Italy, together with the border of Slovenia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Here you can discover orange glass of wines produced with the aboriginal grapes of the area, consisting of Sauvignon Vert (Friulano), Ribolla Gialla, and Pinot Grigio. The orange white wine procedure was popularized in Italy by winemaker Josko Gravner who first tried an orange a glass of wine in 1997.

Example Italian Orange Wine Producers:

  1. Bressan “Carat” (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

  2. Antonio Caggiano “Béchar” (Campania)

  3. Donati Camillo “Malvasia dell’Emilia” (Emilia Romagna)

  4. Frank Cornelissen “Munjebel” (Sicily)

  5. Cos (Sicily)


Just over the border from Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy is the region of Goriška Brda (“Gore-eesh-Kah Barda”) in Slovenia, which has a long history of orange winemaking. The red wine is extremely well incorporated here, and you’ll typically see the glass of wines poured in typical glasses, like beer. There is one more odd wine to be discovered here too, called Motnik. It is made in an all-natural method, like orange white wine, in barrels that are decontaminated by smoking natural herbs like rosemary, bay leaves, and sage.

Example Slovenian Orange Wine Producers:

  • Klinec

  • Movia “Lunar”

  • Princic

Georgia is most popular for their qvevri-aged glass of wines. Qvevri (also known as Kvevri) were the first vessels ever before to be utilized for white wine fermentation, with archaeological findings apparently dating back to 6000 BC. Qvevri is clay vessels lined with beeswax and also completely hidden under the ground where the temperature level stays consistent throughout the year, allowing the red wines to ferment in the all-natural coolness of the earth. The grape of choice from Georgia for natural qvevri red wines is called Rkatsiteli (“Awr-kat-seh-telly”), which is recognized to generate white wine with a deep red-orange hue.

Example Georgian Orange Wine Producers:

  • Pheasant’s Tears

  • Alaverdi Monastery “Gurjaani” in Kakheti

  • Our Wine in Kakheti

  • Tbilvino “Quevris”

  • Lagvinari “Goruli Mtsvane,” “Tsolikouri” and “Tsitska”

  United States

Several of the extra speculative producers are beginning to make all-natural white wines and are experimenting with the orange white wine method, specifically in New York City, where the Rkatsiteli (“Awr-kat-seh-telly”) grape range is expanded.

The Example United States Orange Wine Producers:

  • Channing Daughters “Meditazione,” “Ribolla Gialla” and “Ramato” (New York)

  • Pax Mahle

  • Red Hook Winery “SK” series (New York)

  • Salinia

  • Scholium Project by Abe Schoener (Suisun Valley, California)

  • Shinn Estate Vineyards “Veil” by Anthony Nappa (New York)

  • Wind Gap Wines “Pinot Gris”


The even more progressive Aussie winemakers have begun to make orange white wines mainly with Sauvignon Blanc, which functions wonders in this design.

Example Australian Orange Wine Producers:
  • BK Wines “Skin and Bones White” (Adelaide Hills)

  • Born & Raised Wines Sauvignon Blanc (Victoria)

  • Lucy Margaux Vineyards (Adelaide Hills)

  • Patrick Sullivan


In France, there is an area eastern of Wine red that generates rich orange-hued wines. The Jura area (famous for Comté cheese) makes nutty-tart red wines called Vin Jaune and Côtes du Jura, which both make use of the oxidative style of winemaking with an uncommon grape called Savagnin (and sometimes Chardonnay). While these glass of wines make use of a somewhat various winemaking method (pressing off the skins), the glass of wines has a similar preference to the orange glass of wines.

Example French Orange Wines:

  • Vin Jaune (Jura)

  • Côtes du Jura (Jura)

  • Chateau-Chalon (Jura)

  • Jean-Yves Peron (Savoie)

  • La Sorga (Languedoc Roussillon)

  • Domaine Gauby “La Roque White” (Côtes Catalanes)

South Africa

The dynamic winemakers in South Africa can be found primarily in the Swartland area in the Western Cape, where the vineyards are fairly old as well as have much less popular grapes.

Example South African Orange Wine Producers:
  • Intellego “Elementis”

  • Lammershoek “Cellar Foot” Series

  • Sadie Family Wines “Palladius”

  • Testalonga “El Bandito”


Example Austrian Orange Wine Producers:
  • Strohmeier (Steiermark)

  • Werlitsch “Amphorenwein” and “Werlitsch” (Steiermark)

  • Maria & Sepp Muster “Gräfin” and “Erde” (Steiermark)


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