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Why corkcho choose natural cork for toys and stopper?

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Corkcho makes use of cork due to its practically limitless list of benefits. When having fun with the completed plaything there are countless features increasing the enjoyable experience, making sure security, as well as those qualities that add to an extra lasting setting. Therefore, it is self-evident that we have actually chosen this manifold material to create our toy.

Why cork is particularly special

Twinei_large-corkWith cork, imagination does not know any type of boundaries. It is also possible to build skewed and leaning constructions because of its rough surface area. Yet, it is not simply children that gain from all these advantages. Parents can relax while their children are playing given that cork is a soft and also light material wherefore loud noises do not take place. The soft qualities of the toy moreover lower any type of danger of injuries. Furthermore, the corkcho toy is without any kind of contaminants, fireproof, water-repellent as well as dirt-resistant. In sum, cork is so to say predestined for a youngster’s hands.

In no way less important is the fact that cork is a renewable natural material. Following the harvest, the bark of the cork oak regrows.

The distinctiveness of various cork products

The cork product we make use of to produce plaything is not equivalent to the kind of cork used in industry. In order to appropriate for its respective purpose, all-natural cork is matched with different substances. Nevertheless, corkcho cork is a private product. The production process suggests a unique method of pressing the all-natural cork. Our fabrication method is identified by an optimal synergy of time, heat, and pressure which treats the cork sensitively and maintains it without any type of harmful pollutants.

Why the use of cork is a sensible choice? The solution is its manifold nature that merges all favorable attributes that we attach relevance to It is lasting, all-natural, and environmentally friendly.

Natural cork is the only sealing product which enables wine to “live” and mature in the bottle over extended time. Natural wine corks are “punched” from specifically picked corkwood, very carefully inspected for defects, washed, sanitized, and also published or firebrand.

There are numerous various types of wine corks readily available. Type choice hinges on the sort of wine being sealed and the pregnant length of time before the wine is consumed. Various other elements determining wine cork kind selection and also treatments consist of bottling speed, still or sparkling wines, wonderful or completely dry red wines, red or Gewurztraminers, bottle dimension, and type. Corkcho can advise the best wine cork types, dimension, qualities, sterilizing, printing or branding, as well as surface treatments to make sure effective results.

Cork is a living material that we can trust. Our wines will be in contact with the cork stopper for years, and also there will always be a symbiosis with this living item. The cork should be excellent to allow this exchange to occur in the very best possible method to make sure that the wine boosts gradually. Like wine, cork stoppers have a history. A life cycle that starts in the cork oak forest, extends the entire technical procedure as well as ends in the bottle of wine.

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