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The small discussion about Indian wine industry: wine in India

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India is not traditionally a wine-drinking country. Because of the prior period of prohibition in India and higher price contrasted with spirits like whisky and brandy manufactured in the country, the manufacture and consumption of wine in India are insignificant when contrasted with different countries.

The setting up of Champagne Indage’s plant in 1984 in the state of Maharashtra denoted the manufacture of wine on a sorted out scale in India. Business wine grape production in India has been in existence since the 1980s.

The following factors have contributed to India’s low wine consumption:

· Poor storage;
· Poor transport facilities;
· Lack of promotional activities for wine consumption in the country;
· Unfavourable rules for domestic marketing of wines except in few States;
· Stringent and regressive government rules with different taxation across
various states.

The Indian wine industry has been steadily becoming in the course of the most recent ten years. Wine is bitten by bit turning into a piece of the urban Indian lifestyle.

Since India joined the WTO, import tariffs in the nation have been remarkably reduced, therefore empowering foreign exporters to take advantage of India’s tremendous consumer market. The wine market is bitten by bit opening up as quantitative restrictions are being lifted, import obligations are being brought down and domestic regulations are being streamlined.

The following factors are adding to the higher consumption of wine in India:
· Rising incomes of the Indian population;
· Changing demography;
· Exposure to a new culture;
· Growth in foreign tourists;
· Loosening of Government regulations and policies.

Types of available wine in India:

There are basically three types of wine available in the country:
· Premium Wines (Still wines): two major categories – White and Red wines;
· Sparkling Wines: White wine category by many consumers;
· Fortified wines: This is not yet made or regarded as quality wines.

Further, all the wines available in the above categories are divided into the following three categories:

· Domestic Indian Wine: This is the wine, which is produced from Indian grapes and bottled in India by the domestic wineries.
· Foreign Bulk Wine Bottled in India: A couple of enormous local makers import mass wine and bottle it in India
· Foreign Wine Bottled in origin: In excess of 200 brands are as of now available in this category and they are imported by Domestic players, Importers and Foreign players.

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