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Wine Tourism In India: Top 4 Vineyards To Get Tipsy In

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Wine makes the world shine! Sipping on and clinking that sparkling glass of wine as you watch the brilliant nightfall kissing acres of the vineyard – This is something wine-darlings really want to an image. Because of booming wine tourism in India, you don’t need to design a full-fledged worldwide visit each time you need a wine-dedicated occasion. A portion of these vineyards additionally has a turn for jealousy starting staycation.

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Probably the most renowned name with regards to wine tourism in India. Sula Vineyard was set up in 1997, and today it is the producer of top wines in India and abroad. Including onto its distinction is the yearly Sula Fest, which is frequently named to be the Mecca of Wines. The festival is composed in February with exquisite food, delectable wine, and a ton to shop for. The highlight without a doubt is an exciting artist lineup.

Four Seasons Vineyards, Pune

Located 25 km away from Pune city, Four Seasons Vineyard is your own little heaven. This is a resort cum vineyard motivated by the Great Gatsby. This amazing property highlights 14 thousand rooms, swimming pool, spa and a party lobby which can accommodate up to 1000 individuals. Wine lovers don’t appear to have enough of the wine trails, tasting room, and the merchandise store.

Chateau D’Ori, Dindori

A dome-shaped winery watered by three artificial lakes Chateau D’Ori is located in Dindori District, Madhya Pradesh. The well-arrayed the vineyard is located in the middle of a vast network of routes serving different purposes, right from the guided tour to maintenance. The property was built in 2007 and houses the largest merlot plantation in India. Chateau D’Ori is considered among premium wine brands, you can taste the best of it in the intimate tasting room in the property. Wine tourism in India would be a little empty without this one around.

Grover Vineyards, Bengaluru

One of India’s oldest wine producers, Grover Vineyards was built up in 1988. Be that as it may, in 2012, Grover Vineyards tied up with Vallée de Vin (maker of Zumba Wine), to turn into a considerably stronger brand and compete with Sula. The vineyard ranges over a zone of 410 acres of land, which implies the wine tour is in reality very broad, lasting for as much as 3.5 hours. The tour concludes with lunch and one may likewise, visit the barrel room on the off chance that they like.

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