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You should know – all are in list of India vineyard tour and travel

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The wine tour is on the up, and for any fledgeling wine-lover following logical step in your wine relationship would be to travel on a wine tour. If you’re a wine travel virgin, it would appear discouraging knowing what to expect on your terribly initial wine vacation, or perhaps if you’re a seasoned distillery traveler, generally it’s nice to be reminded of what to expect and the way to set up.

So, are you able to feast your eyes on the rolling vineyards set within the foothills, watch the grapes being picked, crushed, mingling and absolutely bottled; so sample the finished product within the tasting room? Yes! Here, we have a tendency to bring you selected of better of the wine tours in our country

1. Heritage Grape Winery, Ramanagar

Nestled away within the rustic city of Ramangar District 70kms from the metropolis, the farm is one among the few places wherever you’ll get pleasure from the romantic trip within the engaging vineyards of the metropolis. situated amidst rolling hills and luxurious verdure, adjoin twenty-five acres spanning eight acres of vineyards, nine acres of a winemaker and eight acres of edifice and landscape. Heritage winemaker upholds the ‘tradition and legacy’ of manufacturing the best wines in the Asian country. they’d started associate degree initiative (i.e. The Heritage Wine education Tour) to coach individuals on the intricacies of constructing a fine wine. This tour can teach you all the aspects of wine creating and assemblage, and answer all of your queries regarding wines.

You should know:

The winemaker is found far away from all the noise of town, nonetheless simply approachable (just associate hour of a drive) enclosed by lush leafage.

Here you’ll be able to prefer three forms of expertise- Wine Tour (where much each facet of wine-making is mentioned right from fermentation to bottling and final labeling); Wine tour and Lunch (where you’ll be able to sit back get pleasure from|and luxuriate in|and revel in} a glass of wine with some finger licking food dish-shaped out by the experienced  chefs); and Wine Tour and Grape Stomping (where you’ll be able to enjoy the grape stomping experience synchronous  with the rhythm of music).

On Sundays, you’ll not fancy the Live Production (which suggests that no bottling and no crushing).

Cost Estimation (per person basis): INR 150 for Wine Tour; INR 800 for Wine tour and lunch; and INR 700 for the wine tour and Grape Stomping.

Operational Timing: 10: AM to 4 PM throughout all days in a very week.

2. York Winery, Nashik

Located at Gangapur-Savargaon Road, outskirts of Nashik, twenty minutes of drive from the city, provide you with a read over Gangapur Dam and also the hills on the far side, the store royal line still is wherever you must head for serene sunset tastings. the royal line still has won a spread of awards for its wine varieties, each red and white.

You should know:

You can enjoy the guided tour of the winery to see the wine-making process.

You can also enthrall yourself in tasting different wines.

Cost Estimation (per person basis): INR 150-250 for Guided Wine Tour

Operational Timing: from 12 PM till 5 PM, seven days a week includes a wine tour and wine tasting.

3. Chateau Indage Estate Vineyard, Nashik

It is an exceptionally large vineyard and situated in Narayangaon, at a distance of 85 km from Pune on the National highway from Mumbai to Nasik. it’s most supposed for its exclusive vary of Chantilli wines which has chardonnay further as red wine. This wine maker has a motivating assortment of wines in its wine look and tasting bar. Toda, Indage Vintners produces Associate in Nursingd sells an exquisite style of Red, White, and Sparkling Wines domestically further as internationally beneath 32 completely different labels.

You should know:

You can tantalize the taste buds by tasting six different verities of wines.

You can also enjoy a meal at the Ivy restaurant, serving exotic and tropical menus and excellent bars.

The presence of guesthouses with luxury living rooms and lounges makes Chateau Indage an ideal destination for wine touring in India.

Cost Estimation (per person basis): INR 400 for includes vineyard visit and wine tasting.

4. Charosa Vineyards, Nashik

Located at Charosa village, around 55 kilometers (one hour) from Nashik within the Dindori district, makes another exceptional name within the wine tours of the Asian country. This vineyard was got wind of on a sprawling 230 acres of land. Charosa introduced Tempranillo, a grape of Spanish origin, to the Indian marketplace for the primary time. Its ‘Reserve Tempranillo’ has drawn several accolades and is maybe the choice of the wines. However, the Sauvignon Blanc is refreshfully sensible for vino in India and Charosa produces the most effective Viognier too.


You should know:

This vineyard was set up on a sprawling 230 acres of land in 2008 but didn’t enter into the wine market until late 2013. You can visit the vineyard and sample the wine, although the lack of decent roads from Nashik is a limiting factor. It’s a narrow, winding journey to get there.

5. Fratelli Wines, Solapur

Located at Akluj, within the Solapur district of geographic region, 300 km unit of a drive from Mumbai and 175 km from Pune make one among the hotspots for wine lovers. This remote vinery produces some wonderful reserve wines on its 240-acre estate. The outstanding ‘Sette Reserve Red’ (which may be a fusion of red wine and Sangiovese) is amongst the most effective wine in India and has additionally attained many admirers worldwide. Its introduction has been followed up by the launch of 2 reserve white wines in 2014 – Vitae (a Chardonnay) and Vitae Tre (a mix of Muller Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, and Chenin Blanc).

You should know:

Cost Estimation: A full day package costs INR 1,500 per person, including tours and tastings. Weekend overnight stay package costs INR 11,000 rupees for a couple, and a two-night rejuvenation package costs 19,000 rupees for a couple.

Operational Timing: Daily from 10 AM to 6 PM.

6. Vinicola Winery, Margoa

While the vineyards of Nashik, Pune, and Bangalore provide a great experience for craft wine lovers, those who are open to non-traditional wines can head to Goa for some quality Port Wine. Even though Port Wine is made from table grapes and technically not considered as a ‘wine’ by conformists, it undoubtedly has its fans, especially in Goa. While commercial Port Winemakers have started producing ‘ad-mix’ varieties of the drink, makers such as Vinicola and Madame Rosa stick to the uncorrupted version. Vinicola winery was established in the 1970s and is one of the leading table wine producers in the state. Housed in a century-old villa in Margoa (located at St Joaquim Road, Margoa), the winery is worth checking out over a road trip to the famous party and beach destination before it becomes history.

You should know:

There are no organized wine tours for Vinicola; you have to get in touch with them directly to schedule a visit. The wine produced by Vinicola is made from Bangalore blue grapes, including their signature Vinicola Port Wine.


The above-mentioned prices and operational timing might subject to change (especially during peak time).

For more clarification or assistance, visit the official websites of the respective vineyards. Before heading out, please do proper research in terms of traveling or modes of travel options to reach out the respective vineyards of your interest.

Available slots per day are limited, hence, advance booking is recommended. (In case of the group tour, please contact the respective vineyard of your interest well-in-advance.)

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