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This Time to make you holiday useful, Take a wine tour in India

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For a getaway with a difference, it’s time to tour the vineyards of India.

The best and very natural place for wine tour and travel, if you are planning for visiting India for wine tasting and vineyard visit for summer vacation, so please we recommend India, a very natural place with a beautiful scene of nature and very attractive vineyard and only you and your holidays. It’s an awesome time to give you a relax and perfect time. If you are feeling bored in an office meeting, tired with small picnics and late night parties so this time to select the new destination in India.

Affordable cost, natural places are waiting for you, and you are welcome to India to enjoy your holidays.

  1. Sula Vineyards

Nashik is situated 170 kilometers northeast of Mumbai and is known as the Napa Valley of India. With heat days, cold nights and fertile soil, this wine capital of India is manufacturing fine Indian wine labels like Sula Wines. Since the launch of its initial wines in 2000, Sula Vineyards has developed into a world category winemaker. You’ll visit the winemaker and vineyards, that is hospitable the general public for educational tours, and have Sula wine-tasting sessions within the tasting space. There are even courses for wine-connoisseur wannabes! A couple’s romantic getaway for 2 nights at the vineyard’s exclusive resort ‘Beyond’ prices authority 15,000 and taxes (Sunday-Thursday). This includes a winery tour and a wine-tasting session.

  1. York Winery


York winery is found twenty minutes’ drive from Nashik, wherever you’ll take guided tours to visualize the wine-making method. Within the ‘York Tasting area,’ you’ll savor the refined flavors and aromas of their wines with a range of cheeses. You’ll additionally unwind within the balcony, with a glass of your favorite wine, enjoying a panoramic read of the Gangapur dam backwaters.


  1. Grover Zampa vineyards

Grover Zampa vineyards are located in both Nashik valley and Nandi Hills in Bangalore. From the time the primary French grape vines were planted in 1988, the vineyards have step by step yielded what’s currently a powerful pedigree of recognized brands within the Indian wine business. Their philosophy includes enhancing the expertise of wine through wine tours and wine education. Nandi Hills is 40 kilometers north of Bangalore.


  1. Fratelli wines

Fratelli Wines’ 1st vintage was launched in 2010 and therefore the vineyards boast a ramification of 240 acres planted with concerning 350,000 saplings. Fratelli wines are found in Solapur, Maharashtra. you’ll be able to book an everyday visit for authority 1800, associate degree all-embracing Rejuvenation Getaway for authority 15,600 per night or if you would like to travel all the means out: rent a vineyard!

  1. The Four Seasons winery


The Four Seasons winery close to Baramati has wines that square measure created from grapes adult round the Sahyadri depression in the geographical area, around 65 km (about one and half hour drive) from Pune. The Four Seasons wine trail offers a 60 to the 90-minute programme for teams of individuals

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