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5 Ways To Make Wine And Food a Good Combination While Day Tripping

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If there’s one drink which improves your health as well as class, then that has to be wine. Enriched with the mouth-watering essence of grapes, wine is enjoyed by almost everybody. Be it a night party or a beach-side hangout, a glass of wine works anywhere. But, have you ever thought of pairing up your meals with wine? If not, then the road trips offer the best chance to experiment on it.



All you need to do is find the right food and the right drink. Wine tastes heavenly on regular days but with your meals, you might feel otherwise. It is advised to look out for the eatables that match the flavour of the wine.

Keep reading and find out the best ways to pair up your meals with different flavours of wine on an exploration.

Choose Your Favorite Meal & Drink

There’s no better way to rock your wine game than to choose your favourite meal. The mouth-watering taste of your dish will definitely compliment the flavour of the wine. All you need to do is find the right wine to pair up with your favourites. Whether it’s the savoury red wine or a soft yet classy white one, the flavours work only with specific dishes.

With a chicken dish, go for something simple like the basic wine. If the dish contains some spicy touch, opt for red wines like Fizz 56. Overall, you must be well-versed with the flavour of your food. You can never enjoy the meal-wine combination if you go with just any foodstuff. Explore as much as you wish and enjoy the food with the best drinks.

Stick To The Basic Eatables

One of the best things to do when confused is to go with the basic stuff. On your road journeys, you require something simple yet tasty to fulfil your hunger pangs. That’s when the magic of basic food with delicious wine emerges. Prepare the dishes that you eat every day. Not only will it save time, but it also comes out as a mouth-watering delicacy. Just enjoy the combination and lookout for ways to make it better.

Sticking to the basics also gives you an opportunity to experiment with different food. Keep on upgrading the food with time to taste the best combos.

Know The Different Flavors & Pairs

Another thing to consider while you pair up your meals with wine is to learn about the wine flavours. After you analyze which flavor works best with certain dishes, try incorporating the same in your road trips. Always go with simple meals in the beginning. If it’s a citrus dish, go for a wine that’s simple and softer. With the sweet desserts, you need to add some sweetness to the wine as well.

With the spicy delicacies, go for a stronger wine that transforms into a smoother one with diminishing tannin effects. Lastly, if the dish contains a huge amount of salt, always pair it up with a lighter wine.


Go For Older Wines With Meals

If you think the age of wine has no relation to the taste factors, then you’re completely wrong. With an old wine by your side, you can accentuate the taste of your dish within seconds. With time, the effect of tannin subsides. Further, the wilder side of this classy drink vanishes and you’re left with a perfect and smooth road-trip drink.

Reduce the richness of wine as they get older. That means, if there’s an old cabernet in stock, you don’t need a lighter dish. Just enjoy the meals as you move closer to your destination.

Experiment With Different Wine Flavors

When talking about the food and wine pair-up, it’s crucial to ascertain the flavour of the wine. You’ll be surprised to know that for a single flavor of wine, hundreds of such varieties are available. All you need to do is try them out with different dishes on your journey. Make sure to pair up with flavours after careful analysis.

If you need a light wine, you can go with muscadet, prosecco or soave. For a stronger wine, you need to choose between Vermentino, Viognier, and dolcetto. Keep your knowledge up-to-date in order to taste the best wines soon.

Bottom Line

You get to savour the secrets with every sip of wine. The joy of enjoying wine gets doubled up with the best dishes. You just need to pair up the two with the utmost precision. With a lighter dish, go for a wine that is slightly strong. If the dish contains too much spice, then go with the lighter foodstuffs.

In order to make your road trip a success, you must pack the best food. With a few bottles of wine, you can relish every moment. Make the most of your road journeys with a glass of red wine and alluring snacks.

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