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Celebrity Rosé: Whose Should You Drink This Summer?

by Wine Lover
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It’s pink, it’s tasty, it’s the type of standard: It’s rosé. We remain in the throes of rosé season currently, which makes John Legend’s recent announcement that his LVE label is releasing rosé especially timely. Upon further examination, there are several star rosé vintages available; and also, brave reporters that we are, the editors here at MarieClaire.com determined to attempt them all– to aid you to stay clear of sipping celeb swill this summer, naturally.

The guidelines were basic: A blind trial run to determine taste, notes, and also general make-up (that’s wine-speak, right?), adhered to by each editor presuming which star made which red wine. No person did effectively on the last part, perhaps because we waited for the end after every person had a number of glasses of wine? But! We did get some excellent testimonials in, and we’re sharing them currently. Below are our thoughts on five bottles of celebrity rosé, and what we believe they say concerning the famous people that made them.

1. Drew Barrymore, Carmel Road Rosé of Pinot Noir, $23

What’s the deal?

Drew herself explains it as “peach as well as apricot. Grapefruit-forward. Without any sweet taste. Enough citrus to maintain it crisp. No painful lemony aspect that can come into an acidic wine.” That’s some wizard analysis. She ought to get on our following wine-tasting panel.

How’s it taste?

Kicked back and bouncy, not syrupy like various another similarly-priced rosé– it’s nice and dry. All of us dug it (and also keep in mind, we didn’t understand it was Drew’s at the time). One editor stated, “It goes down quickly, and streams via my body. An experience.” An additional said she could “consume all of it day.” The only objection, from three various editors, was that it didn’t taste awfully considerable like it was “watery.” On the whole, however, this was among our favorites of the pack. Best quote from a tester:

“Without knowing whose this is, it tastes like Drew Barrymore’s flower crown.”

2. John Legend, LVE Rosé, $25

What’s the deal?

Chrissy Teigen’s other half let loose a rosé this month, the fourth under the LVE tag, a partnership with big-time winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset. More things concerning it: It’s made from grapes from the South of France, as well as Chrissy,  installed a rather amusing Instagram blog post regarding it.

How’s it taste?

Not extremely fruity or acidic, however with a flowery bouquet. “It does not stick around on your tongue, which is good due to the fact that then I can take even more sips,” stated one editor. “An excellent combination of completely dry and also pleasant.” While some of the lot more critical among us defined it as relatively “watered down,” it was second-most preferred of the bunch.


Best quote from a tester:
“It’s better than that cough syrup Pharrell was peddling a few years ago.”

3. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Chateau Miraval Cotes de Provence Rosé, $27

What the deal?

This is a prize-winning wine made at the Miraval vineyard in France, where Brad and Angelina commemorated their 2014 wedding. Currently, you might be thinking, Hey, Brad and Angelina obtained a divorce, so that’s watching the grapes ?! The solution is that they still co-own the vineyard. They chose not to divide it when they divested their assets and apparently consider it “an investment for their household.”

How’s it taste?

The most mature-tasting wine we attempted, our editors described it as “completely dry, different from the others,” and “smoothly sharp without being acidic.” One claimed, “I could consume a container of this by myself and not really feel unwell,” which is most likely not advised! Not everybody was as right into it, however. “Bitter, sharp, as well as I wish it more than faster– like Brad and also Angelina’s marriage.” Once again, no one recognized which celebrity made the red wine when they offered their testimonials, it simply tasted that similar to this couple.

Best quote from a tester:
“I would drink this on a boat.”

4. The Fat Jew, PINK Party Rosé With Bubbles, $17

What’s the deal?

As a grating Instagram meme poster, the Fat Jew is the least “celeb” of our test group, but he may be the most winemaker: His White Lady Rosé brand name has been around since 2015 as well as is surprisingly favored. PINK Party, which he made especially for millennial females (we enjoy being accommodated), is his first gleaming rosé.

How’s it taste?

Fizzy and also light, with a super-sweet aftertaste that greater than one editor called “strawberry Bubble Yum.” “I am excited by this!” claimed one reviewer. One more recommended coupling it with a strawberry popsicle for a unique occasion. Yet one more claimed, not unkindly, that it reminded her of a carbonated soft drink and also she ‘d “possibly down it.” Once again, not recommended! Please consume alcohol properly, people!

Best quote from a tester:
“Is this the one by the Fat Jew? I can tell because it’s trying too hard.”

5. Bon Jovi, Diving Into Hampton Water Rosé, $25

What’s the deal?

The rocker and his household (the Bongiovi clan, did you know?) bring whole cases of rosé to the Hamptons with them every year, as well as Bon Jovi thought, “Why not me?” His creation is evidently a preferred container!

How’s it taste?

Extremely crisp and also alcoholic, without being excessively pleasant. One cup defined it as having a “mineral” aftertaste. An additional editor, feeling less generous, explained the aftertaste as “like Sour Spot Kids dipped in ethanol.” Expressive!

Best quote from a tester:
“I feel like they’d give this to you before wisdom tooth surgery.”

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