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Rosè, rosato or rosa italian wine?

“Tampura”, spicy dishes such as those of Indian or Chinese cuisine but also paired with white meat such as chicken.

by Sebastiano Ramello
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rosa wine

Rosé wine is becoming more and more popular in the world especially among young people and women, thanks to its freshness, its simplicity in tasting it during an aperitif at the end of work but also for its combinations, a wine that is increasingly being replaced to classic white wines when paired with fish-based dishes and which is also perfect paired with fried as “Tampura”, spicy dishes such as those of Indian or Chinese cuisine but also paired with white meat such as chicken.

In India, the biggest producers and wineries have been producing both still and sparkling rosé wines for some years now, this is another sign that shows the growing interest in rosé (rosa) wines on the part of Indian consumers


rosa wine

Italy, as we know, has always competed for the supremacy of the largest wine producer in the world with France, there are many wineries, from the far north to the far south, including the islands, which among their important wines rosé wines are also produced, both produced with different blends of grapes but also, especially in Piemonte rigion with single native blends, for example some small and medium-sized wineries have been producing excellent rosé (rosa) wines produced with 100% Nebbiolo grapes (Nebbiolo is considered one of the most important Italian native grapes for the production of important and prestigious red wines such as: Barolo Docg; Barbaresco Docg; Roero Docg, Nebbiolo D’Alba Doc; Langhe Nebbiolo Doc; Gattinara Docg …).

Rosa wine

For some years also the famous Italian sparkling wine: Prosecco has given life to a disciplinary that allows its production in rosé vinification, giving life to Prosecco Rosé DOC Brut, obtained from a blend of “Glera” and “Pinot Nero” grapes

Most rosé wines, as well as white, red, sparkling and sweet wines, can will be     possible to taste, from 10 to 13 April at the fifty-fourth international wine fair VINITALY which is held as every year in the beautiful city of Verona, the city of “Giugglietta and Romeo”, a famous novel by Shakespeare.

But in addition to these rosé (rosa) wines, an important question has recently arisen in Italy regarding their name: as many of you know the term rosé is a French term, therefore it is not appropriate to be used attached to Italian wines, according to many the most appropriate term would be “rosato” or according to others “rosa” which literally translated into English means pink. It would be interesting to find out, from you WineToday readers, what do you think of these terms, if in your opinion it is more appropriate to use the term “rosato” or “rosa”?


rosa wine india


The important thing is that synergy is created, that Italian wineries use a common term so as not to confuse the wine buyer, and that an Italianized term is used.

Thanks to a friend, an importer of Italian wines in India, Mr. Palash Vaswani “Hover Barrel” I discovered that in the city of Bombay they are already able to find some Italian rosé (rosa) wines in the best wine shops, hotels and restaurants, and soon also rosé wines 100% produced with Nebbiolo grapes will be available, this means that the demand and consumption of Italian rosé (rosa) wines in India is growing. The only thing that still slows down the imports of wines in India are unfortunately the high, overall taxes that still reach about 350% and cause the price of wine to rise for the final consumer and also a lot of import bureaucracy. Certainly, if the Indian government were to lower taxes on the import of wines to India, India has all the potential to become one of the most important wine markets in the world.

indian rosa

It will be my pleasure to meet our readers, the readers of WineToday, during the international wine fair “Vinitaly 2022” so as to accompany them to discover our great Italian wines; for those who will not be present at the international wine fair “Vinitaly 2022” I suggest you follow me on WineToday, it will be my pleasure to keep you informed on the progress of this important international wine event and on the news of Italian wines.

Buona bevuta a tutti!! ….. dimenticavo, il vino non si beve, si degusta


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