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What Drink Goes Best With Mexican Food?

by Wine Lover
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With the core ingredients like corn, chillies and spices, each of their flavour create a beautiful combination with different styles of wines. So here’s a guide for mouth watering pairing of Wines with Mexican food.

Paring With a Common Mexican Ingredients

Chillies, Organo, Beans are some of common ingredients of most of Mexican Cuisine. So I am sharing you best wine pair with these common ingredients so that you will get a general idea of wine pairing with any Mexican Cuisine.

Beans: Medium-bodied reds.
Chillies: Medium-bodied reds, rosé.
Cilantro, Avocado: Light-bodied whites.
Oregano: Medium-bodied reds, rosé.
Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cumin, Clove:Sparkling wines, full-bodied whites, medium-bodied reds, and rosé.
Corn: It can be paired with any of the above mentioned.

Pairing Wine With Tex-Mex Dishes

Here’s some classic Tex-Mex Dishes with their Appropriate pairing
● Quesadillas
This crispy, cheesy Quesadillas found a perfect combination with Riesling, Chardonnay, French Sauvignon Blanc. The minerality found in these whites will also complement the onions and tortilla beautifully.

● Fajitas De Carne
Medium reds like Menicía,Tempranillo Joven with lots of fruit are going to stand up to the powerful, savory flavors of beef, peppers, and onion. And they’ll do a much better job of cutting the spiciness than something with huge tannins!

● Chips & Salsa
If there’s something that Mexican and Italian cuisine have in common, it’s a healthy love for tomatoes. So pairing it with an reds like Chianti, Sangiovese, Nero d’Avola. It’s a perfect pairing tomato-based sauces served with Mexican food.

● Tacos Al Pastor
Tacos Al Pastor with the ingredients like Corn tortilla, pork marinated with chilies, onions, spices found a perfect combination with Bandol Rosé, Tavel Rosé. A rosé with a good sense of body to it will complement the pork, spices, and fruit of Tacos Al Pastor.

Source:Wine Folly

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