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How Restaurants & Bars Are Powering Through Crises

by Wine Lover
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Corona Pandemic had created a big shutdown across a globe that affect whole hospitality sector. Due to Covid 19 outbreak, Restaurants and Bars received a major blow. With all the restaurant, bars closing down, dropping of sales by heavy percentage, hospitality sectors powering hard through the crises.

Own Contactless Delivery Service

Since this pandemic increases the demand of food delivery, many restaurants have started their own contactless delivery services instead of tying up with a third party app. Restaurant Irish in Memphis had started a own delivery services. There reason of not tying up with third party is because it can take up lot more money from both restaurant and consumer and also it help them to increase revenue and lower layoffs.

Restaurant Menus are changing with Demands
During Pandemic customers not prefer expensive foods to order. In this scenario where most of people stuck with home or out for work, demand more for affordable and comfort foods as like pizza, pastas instead of lasagna, seafoods. Anything that can deliver hot and still enjoyed. This force many restaurants to change their menu according to customers demanding. Canlis in Seattle, Washington which has always known for its high end food and fine dining experience had also changed their menu like serving bagels in morning, by evening they switched with
burgers, salads , ice creams and likewise.

Positive Vibes
In this striking situation there are some restaurants and bars coming out to help communities through food packages and to small restaurants and bars to build their credibility and gain support from people. In the end,” its like when life gives you lemon make a lemonade. ” They all suffer hard to get back their normal situations.

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