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Organic wine sector is growing quickly considering that the last 15 years currently. Bringing a brand-new approach to the winery without chemicals pesticides or fertilizers, and by utilizing a minimal treatment to generate a wine as close as possible to nature and also the planet.

We will certainly attempt to synthesize the natural a glass of wine market on the planet and also to have an international sight in figures, also if it is really tough to locate current information relating to the size of organics vineyards per nation.

European organics glass of wines are not truly recognized as organics within the USA and have to include “a glass of wine made from natural grapes”. Some countries like Chile or South Africa do not have a certain natural label.

Even if organic wineries stand for a small quantity for a few of these nations, nearly 100% of New Zealand and also 95% of South African vineyards are accredited sustainable. The objective of New Zealand is to attain 20% of market certified natural by 2020.

Top 3 of countries of organic lands in hectares (not in % of their vineyard) in 2016:

1. Spain: more than 100 000 hectares
2. Italy: around 85 000 hectares
3. France: around 70 100 hectares

These 3 countries stand for 73% of all organic vineyard on the planet. Soon, China will certainly end up being the 1st in regards to the area with an integral part of its vineyard in conversion.

In term of market:
35% of European drinks organics glass of wines with 51.2% in Sweden.

In UK, sales of natural beers, white wines as well as spirits stands for ₤ 6 million (around EUR6.8 million) and also climbed by 14.3 per cent in 2016. Some supermarket adapts itself like Aldi which released its very first ‘eco-friendly white wines’ collection in very early April.

Germany and also Northern Europe have actually traditionally led the European consumption. In spring 2016, in Sweden Systembolaget reached the strategic 10% objective of having their selection licensed organic, that was at first established for 2020. This demonstrates how solid the organic trend in which it currently goes beyond expectations.

France has actually been likewise a customer, in 2016 the natural wine market represents EUR 792 million, +18.2 % contrasted to 2015.

The UNITED STATES, as well as Canada, have actually just recently come to be more crucial markets. US Usage of organic red wines has actually increased, expanding at rates in between 10% and also 20% per year in quantity between 2013 as well as 2016, according to Nielsen. Also if it is still a specific niche market representing 2% by worth.

In Asia, Japan is a leading market but brand-new ones are growing such as in Singapore or South Korea.

Organic wine grape production in Australia boosted 120% between 2011 and 2014, with those grapes reaching a worth of $117m (EUR 72 million). Even if licensed organic or biodynamic white wines exported from Australia are a specific niche yet growing export segment that was worth AUS $12 million in 2016 (around EUR8 million).

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