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Small story of Canada’s Wine Industry and some ratio of this subject

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Canada’s winemaking industry, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 31213, comprises of foundations that are essentially occupied with assembling wine or schnapps from grapes or other organic product. This incorporates foundations essentially occupied with developing grapes and assembling wine, manufacturing wine from purchased grapes and other fruit, blending wines, making cider or distilling brandy.


The Canadian wine industry, despite the fact that not a noteworthy maker by worldwide benchmarks produces fundamental monetary exercises. The part creates both immediate and circuitous work through farming generation, assembling, and the travel industry. Besides, Canada is one of the world’s biggest makers of ice wine, a fantastic extravagance thing, viewed as the lead item for Canadian wine exporters.


In 2012, 476 foundations were working in Canada with the larger part in Ontario (234) and British Columbia (171).  The industry generated revenues of $1.1 billion and employed over 3,700 people. The volume of Canadian wine deals totaled 207 million liters in 2013, with roughly 62 million liters speaking to 100% Canadian wines. The heft of wine creation in Canada is from packaging and mixing activities, as a rule, by the bigger firms. The littler bequest wineries commonly produce wine from 100% Canadian grapes. The business is a net shipper of wine, bringing in $2.3 billion in 2014, while sends out around the same year added up to $97.8 million. The United States and China account for 86% of exports and the majority of imports come from the United States (22%), France (22%), Italy (19%), and Australia (10%).


Between 2004 and 2012, sales of goods manufactured by the Canadian wine industry increased 31.2% to a value of over $1 billion. Exports of wine grew at an average annual rate of 4.3% over the same period, and imports had an average annual growth rate of 6.5%. As a result, imports represent a greater proportion of the domestic market, increasing to 68% in 2012 compared to 62% in 2004. Between 2004 and 2012, direct employment grew from 2,828 employees to 3,719 employees. The supply of Canadian-produced V. vinifera grapes has grown steadily which has helped increase the production of quality domestic wines.

Canada’s Wine Industry in the World

  1. Global wine production is 26.7 billion liters of which Canada represents 0.3% (100% Canadian/VQA)
  2. Global wine export value is $37.0 billion of which Canada represents 0.1% (100% Canadian/VQA)
  3. Global wine export volume is 12.1 billion liters of which Canada represents 0.02% (100% Canadian/VQA)
  4. Globally, the top 5 wine exporters by value are France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Chile. Canada is ranked 35th in the world in export value (100% Canadian/VQA).

Exports of Canadian Bottled Wine

  1. In 2017, Canadian bottled wine exports totaled 2.1 million liters, valued at $39.6 million
  2. The top 5 bottled wine export markets by value are China, the United States, South Korea, the Netherlands and Japan, representing 87.1% of export value and 90.8% of export volume

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