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What is cork?

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A definition of cork in some different words but similar meaning


(1) a piece of cork or other material used as a stopper.


(2) the thick light porous outer bark of the cork oak, used widely as an insulator and for stoppers for bottles, casks, etc.


(3) a protective layer of dead impermeable cells on the outside of the stems and roots of woody plants, produced by the outer layer of the cork cambium


(4) A cork is the part of nature and its use in our daily life, it’s natural and harmless.


Some use of the cork in fashion category –


Cork has many great uses! You can use them for creating your own home decor if you are into taking on fun DIY projects, or you can use them for other different hobbies.


  • For cork bags – as a fashion it’s different thing for use.


  • For cork jacket – looking sexier wear cork jacket.


  • For cork watch – a different material like unique and stylish.


  • For cork wallet – a product girls use for shopping or traveling.


  • For cork wear – additional thing in wear section for all fashion lover.


  • For cork sunglasses – try a unique and look stylish.


  • For cork footwear – with light weight and natural.


  • For cork cap – for good look and warmest season it’s very good product.


Some use of new or used bottle cork stopper –


Cork stopper is very usable, can use for decoration also. cork stoppers in a variety of colors and sizes will be very attractive –

Photo frame, keychain, light lamp, tea table, toys, triangle, door mate, knife etc.


Why wine cork stopper different today –

A major reason to use of cork stopper is the natural and unique product – in the other words we can say the product have ability for long term use, we all know old wine is demand of the market, the production of wine need a long lasting  part used for many years. The cork stoppers is made by a raw material of cork as per the scientist research the cork have many content and quality for long time use, at present all type of wine industry prefer cork stopper, and huge production manufacture by cork stopper companies.

part of the reason we use wine corks to seal to bottles today is simply from tradition. Cork or other sealants in some form have been used to seal vessels holding wine for thousands of years.

At that point in history, cork replaced glass wine stoppers, which while they worked well, glass stoppers were not easy to remove without breaking the wine bottle.

The pairing of the cork and wine bottle ushered fine wine into the modern age, as from that point forward, wine had the ability to age and evolve in the bottle.


Top Countries for cork production –


Country Production tons (000) %of world production
Portugal 175 52%
spain 110 32%
Italy 20 6%
morocco 15 4%
Tunisia 9 3%
algeria 6 2%


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