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Wooden Wine Cork Letter – Easy Crafty Idea

by Wine Lover
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Have huge bags of wine cork? Got extra wine corks lying around? Put them used to make some easy crafty ideas. Put them creating a personalized monogram or any crafty letter that will make a statement with your wine memories.
So here’s the easy crafty wine cork letter idea.

Let’s Start!! Wooden Wine Cork Letter (Home Decor Wine Cork)

Materials Needed
● Unpainted Wood letters (you can choose of any size and any letter)
● Huge bags of wine corks (mostly depends on the size of the wooden letter)
● Hot glue Tutorial
● Collect all your material and gather them together. It is good to have all material before you start as though it is easy but it is time-consuming.
● Start your craft by placing wine corks to Wooden letter. Don’t immediately just start gluing wine corks, first arrange it properly on a wooden letter.
● Arrange wine corks by taking corks in a bunches; of about 11 corks at a times.
● Once you arranged, carefully remove corks one by one and dab a glue about a pea size. Be careful about the amount of hot glue it should not be over or under amount.
● Continue doing this until you cover full wooden letters. But please don’t cut the wine corks to make it perfectly fit on the wooden, as this will looks tacky. And Now its Done! Take a few moments to remove glue webs and Enjoy it ! Enjoy this pretty Wooden Wine Cork Letter.


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