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How to Store Wines after opening without Cork

by Wine Lover
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Knowing how to reseal or store wine bottle without cork is an essential part to maintain your leftover wine. There are quite few ways to store your wine after opening without cork that we are going to share with you. The tips that I am going to share you, here is a quite simple and easy and worthy.

● Refrigeration

Oxidation due to presence of air inside wine bottle is the major cause to destroy any of your favourite wine. Keeping a wine in cold temperatures can lower down the oxidation process and thus can help you to preserve your wine bottle 4 to 5 days longer. This is also valid for red and white wines.

● Paper towel

Use of paper towel help you to life span of your wine. Roll and fold the paper towel into a shape of a cork, however it would be better if it is bigger than neck of bottle. Tape it. And now wrap the top of neck with plastic wrap. You preserve your wine!

● Waxed paper

In case your wine cork doesn’t fits inside the bottle, use this method of wrapping original cork with waxed paper. Waxed paper help to reduce friction and thus cork gets fits. This way help you preserve wine for at least 3 to 6 days.

● Careful with sparkling wines

Sparkly wine can usually be preserved from 1-3 days. Try to reseal it with the original plastic stopper or a plastic stopper to preserve sparkling wines. Don’t push it in all the way as it might return back to you, because of the pressure. The quality of the flavor and the carbonation is usually gone after 24 hours, after the wine being opened.

● Re-cork the Wine bottle

Close a bottle of wine after pouring individual glasses from it. Re-cork properly by inserting the cork into the bottle in the same direction as you opened. Avoid putting the “clean” side of the cork into the bottle facing the wine, as it may not be clean and can contaminate the wine.

● Heat and light

Avoid your wine from a direct contact of heat and light as this increase oxidation process and destroy your wine very fast. Due to heat and light, it can breakdown the chemical compounds and thus gives and unique and complex  lavour.Thus it is safer to keep in colder and dark condition.

● Rubber Stopper

A rubber stopper is a great reusable option for resealing a wine bottle. They grip the inside of the bottle to keep air from getting in, slowing down the oxidation process. Rubber stoppers also require minimal effort, since you only need to press it down into the bottle opening. They tend to be a popular option, as they are available in a variety of
colors and are affordable, so you can purchase some extra stoppers to keep on hand. These was some easy and quick ways through which you can preserve your Without a cork.

Hope you enjoyed!


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