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Travel in times of quarantine – Start a bucket list game

by Wine Lover
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Nowadays we all need to stay at home. We gonna miss those days of wine and vineyard trips, wine tasting and almost all the trips that we had with which we have a lots of memories. For those who have a travel must often think about the wonderful palaces that world has kept secret for the next travel. Being indoor it’s hard to go for a trips, but it can’t stop you from dreaming about the new places that you will going travel. Internet is act a best friend of you as it will going to enhance up travel dream with adorable image collection of magnificent places, videos, 360° view and thus allow you to live those places and to plan your nest trip.

However here I am going to help you with planning of most suitable place which will fits to your choice. So let’s play a Game to plan your trip!

Portuguese a well-known wine making country, its rich Roman times tradition of wine making has fabulous fairy tales places to stay, delicious food that will makes you happier than Spanish Tapas, backed by various architecture heritage which are honoured by a most trendy architecture prize of pritzker price. So in this fairly secure country, Portuguese has a have best tour options for you to plan you trips.

How to start a Game?

Where to go? Why to go? We gonna help you to suscept the most suitable place for you and your family to enjoy. Let’s play a game so that you can see our suggestions and let’s see what’s Portugal has for you.

Go ahead click through to discover the perfect tour, place or inspiration for your trip!

● Do you likeSpring or Autumn better?
● Do you wish to deepen your wine knowledge or just toIndulge in wine or gastronomy at your own pace?
● Is it aromantic trip, family time ,friends get together ?
● Are you an artsy person , a history lover , a foodie or a fashionista ?

Hope Our suggestions would loved by you and you enjoyed our blog. At last I am leaving with some adorable pics of Portugal tourism here.

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