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6 Most Commonly Made Wine Mistakes to avoid

by Wine Lover
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You might be a seasoned veteran of tasting the varieties of wine. Or maybe you just love enjoying a glass of wine with your friends. Whatever the reason may be, a few things surely go wrong with every wine drinker.

When you first start learning about wine, it might feel as though you’re required to know a bunch of strange, arbitrary rules. Sure, there are time-honored wine traditions, and violating such customs might be considered a big faux pas in some circles.


6 Most Commonly Made Wine Mistakes to avoid

So, in this blog, we will be discussing those 8 simple and yet, sunny mistakes which you tend to make while having wine.  There appear to be a plethora of typical wine blunders to avoid. So let’s get started!



1.  Drinking wrong temperature wine

Often the common wine mistake with newbies, they tend to over cool the white wine since they have heard that “Oh, ya! White wine should be served cold and red wine shouldn’t!”. Well, that isn’t the case.


This is because the aromas and the lovely rich flavors of white wine are suppressed when cooled excessively. Some of them include Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Torrontés. On the other hand, Red wine will taste very dull when served too warm or even at room temperature. The fruity flavors will become nonexciting and dull.


Solution: White wine (and rosé) should be served around 49-55°F, not “ice cold.” Sweeter white wines and extremely light white wines, such as Pinot Grigio, can now be served slightly chilled (40-50°F) – as chilled as sparkling wine – since frigid temperatures can chill off sweetness while maintaining balance.


Red wine should be served at a temperature between 62 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is somewhat colder than most rooms. You can chill your bottle of red for 15 minutes before serving, freeze it, or leave it outside if the temperature is about 60 degrees.



2.  Filling wine up to the brim of the glass

Quite obvious, that is a party, out of excitement, you tend to fill the glass completely. Well, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the full glass of wine, however, the usual way of enjoying wine is sipping the small pores.


On top of that, you get to see those swirls that open doors for more oxygen and thus giving wonderful aromas.


Solution: So the best technique is to pour the wine to the widest portion of the glass. This gives a greater surface area for the aeration of wine while swirling. Take a sniff before you start sniffing your wine. Slow down in between to enjoy the tastes and flavors of the wine.


3.  Storing wine bottles in warm places

Do you tend to keep your wine on the cupboard top, or near the window, and the worst among all, at the top of the refrigerator? Well. Please never make the wine mistake of placing it on the top of a working electrical appliance.


It generates heat and will destroy the essence of wine. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we are telling you to buy a fancy wine cooler. However, a cool and dark place is sufficient.


Solution: Unopened bottles should be stored in the back of a cupboard. It’s generally the darkest section of the house and doesn’t see drastic temperature changes. It’s also a good idea to look in the back of the pantry.


To keep the cork from drying out, store the wine on its side before opening it. However, after you’ve opened it, keep it upright to reduce the amount of surface area exposed to oxygen.


4.  Opening the bottles and not consuming them on time

No wine lover would let the wonderfully crafted bottle go. But remember, as soon as you open the bottle, there is an hourglass. You need to consume it ASAP before it turns steak and starts smelling.


Saying that doesn’t mean that it would be harmful to drinking, but its sense would be lost. It will start tasting like vinegar. So this wine mistake will let you have vinegar instead of wine the next time.


Solution: After being opened, most bottles will survive three to five days. White wine may be kept in the refrigerator for up to seven days. While you should not keep red wine in the refrigerator before opening it, you can do so later to make it last longer.


5.  Don’t make a pairing blunder.

Don’t let the double tragedy happen. The commonly made pairing blunders wine mistakes are:

  • Acidic foods with red wine (for e.g., cheese and red wine worst combo ever)
  • Spicy food with a high-alcohol wine
  • Dessert with dry wine


Solution: Keep these points in mind. Most cheeses work well with effervescent or light, acidic white wines like Chenin Blanc, but especially more acidic cheeses like goat cheese. Choose an old cheddar or similar low-acid cheese if you must have a red.


Spicy foods, such as your favorite Thai takeout, combine nicely with low-alcohol white wines that are sweet and fruity. Serve the wine chilled to give your tongue a rest from the heat of the spices.


6.  The most common Wine mistake: Opening the bottle wrong

Don’t worry if you did this! It won’t reduce your wine’s time span or anything. But sometimes, you do come across that stubborn cork or the corkscrew, which isn’t available when necessary. So how would you proceed with it opening the wine bottle the right way?


Solution: Get started with unfolding the knife and cutting the knife below the bottle’s lower lip. AT the cork’s center, insert the worm and twist it up to 4 times using the handles. Rest the first step on the bottle’s edge and pull up the handle.


Then rest the second step on the bottle’s edge. Pull out until the cork is out and gently pull the rest of it. Finally, pour it, swirl and toss it!


Final Thoughts

It’s not a big issue if you make these common wine mistakes. It happens with everyone most of the time. However, rectifying the mistakes will make the experiences of drinking wine even wholesome for you.


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