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what is cork? and the use in yoga mat for your good health

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Cork is an impermeable buoyant product, the phellem layer of bark tissue that is gathered for industrial use mostly from Quercus suber(the cork oak), which is endemic to southwest Europe and also northwest Africa. Cork is composed of suberin, a hydrophobic compound.

As a result of its impenetrable, buoyant, flexible, as well as fire retardant residential or commercial properties, it is utilized in a selection of items, the most usual of which is wine stoppers. The montado landscape of Portugal creates about half of cork gathered every year worldwide, with Corticeira Amorim Being the leading firm in the sector. Cork was checked out microscopically by Robert Hooke, which caused his exploration as well as the naming of the cell.

The globe’s main cork oak forests are discovered in Portugal, Spain, southerly France, Italy, and also North Africa. It is the microclimate and dirt sorts of these areas that permit cork oaks to grow as well as a flourish and serve as the key resource of raw material for the cork sector. Today over half of the worlds cork resources originates from Portugal. Although cork trees are likewise grown in limited amounts in numerous various other areas worldwide, just cork harvested from the Mediterranean region is of a quality suitable sufficient for the production of natural red wine corks.


How Is Cork Harvested

Cork harvesting is the process of eliminating the bark off the cork tree. This is an exceptionally delicate operation made to look simple by the proficiency of the cork harvesters. These skilled people use a machete to slice the bark right into areas (the larger the section the better) and then they use a steel wedge to peel these areas from the trees. Although this is really arduous work in itself, the harvesters need to take wonderful treatment not to harm the really slim

skin-like membrane which is discovered in between the bark as well as the inner trunks of each tree. If this membrane were to be harmed it would certainly damage and also probably eliminate the tree. It is this membrane layer that offers the nourishment to the cork trees. To sign up the harvest day and to make sure trees are not collected once more before the allowed nine years pass, after the bark is gathered from the trees the last number of the year in which the tree was last collected is painted onto each tree (as an example, if a tree was collected in 2001, as received the picture, then the number 1 would certainly be repainted on the tree). This supplies the control and assurance to both the forest owners and also the environmental authorities that trees are not harvested prior to the nine-year following each harvest. This, to name a few cork forestry laws, maintain the cork trees healthy as well as generating high-quality cork.

Protection of Cork Trees

Cork forests are carefully monitored and also cultivated. Contrary to some ideas as well as reports, the health and sustainability of the cork oak are great as well as strong. Actually, there are extra cork trees today then there were some 10 or fifteen years ago. It is true that several of the harvests gone through a couple of tough years as a result of mismanagement of the forests in Portugal throughout numerous years in the 1970’s. It was a time of political upheaval in that nation and also after the 1974 transformation in Portugal, many of the large cork forest holdings were nationalized by the brand-new leftist government. In its flawed knowledge, the brand-new federal government separated the forests right into smaller allocations as well as assigned loyalist farmers sympathetic to their public approaches to look after a certain area of land.

These selected and also new landowners understood nothing of the requirements of excellent forest monitoring and also under their enforced watch the high quality as well as yields of the cork ended up being seriously stretched. Thankfully the forests were ultimately gone back to the rightful owners but not before the damage was done. It took two complete harvests (18 to twenty years) as well as a great deal of repair work via correct forest management before the trees completely recouped their healthy and balanced yields. Today there are strict cork forestry policies and also regulations securely in place as well as with Portugal a strong member of the European Union the political turmoil of the past will not be duplicated.

Properties Of Cork

There is nothing else material, either manmade or natural, with all the residential properties as well as features that are one-of-a-kind to cork: lightweight, rot immune, compressible as well as recoverable, expanding, fire resistant in its all-natural state, impermeable, soft, and resilient. Because of this exceptional combination of homes, cork basic material has a wide array of applications. With its lightweight honeycomb framework and its flexible membrane, cork is the ideal material for products varying from stoppers to drifts, from the floor and also wall surface treatments to gasket product, from garments to roller coasters.

Cork Characteristics


Cork is light and will certainly float. Beneficial for buoys, drifts, fishing rod manages, degree determines. Lightweight makes cork an excellent filler material for numerous items. Perfect for shoe soles and also soles.


The mobile membrane layers are flexible to ensure that the cork can be fitted versus the wall surface of a container under stress (the air in the cork cells is compressed, decreasing volume) as well as when launched bounces back to its initial type. Perfect as a stopper, excellent for flooring ceramic tiles and also wall surface floor tiles.


Cork does not rot as a result of the suberin that makes it nonporous to gases as well as fluids.

Combined with corks various other attributes it is the ideal material for bottle stoppers, gasket sealants, joint fillers, floor underlayment, and bulletin boards.

Low Conductivity

Aeriform aspects in cork are sealed in the tiny cell-like areas shielded and also divided from each various other. This attends to low conductivity to warmth, sound, and also resonances. One of the best insulating and also acoustical capabilities of all compounds.

Resistance to Wear

The honeycomb structure of suberose surface area gives cork a high friction coefficient and makes it very sturdy. It does not take in the dirt and is fire immune in its all-natural state. A suitable material for all structured products, including flooring as well as wall surface floor tiles, cork wallpaper, rolls, and sheets.

Cork and the LEED Rating System

Cork items contribute incredibly favorably to the Leadership in Power and Environmental Style (LEED) Environment-friendly Rating System. Cork is a 100% lasting and eco-friendly natural resource. Learn more regarding Jelinek Cork items and LEED.

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree. Medically the Latin name for the cork oak tree is Quercus (oak) suber (cork). This exceptional tree has a bark (suberose parenchyma) which is distinct throughout the plant kingdom. The cork bark can be collected from the tree allowing new bark to expand in its area without killing or damaging the trees. This makes every tree a sustainable source of resources.

The cork product yoga mat

Experience Roots, yoga mat in cork. This is the only mat you require. The cork yoga mat is developed to be made use of on both sides. One side is normally water-resistant cork, the opposite side consists of natural rubber.

The mat has an anti-slip effect, as a result of using cork as a material.

You will never need to make use of a towel on your mat once again or fret of sliding, the wetter mat you have the much better hold you obtain!

Like our sandals, Roots are made by as much lasting and also eco-friendly materials as we can. Both natural cork and natural rubber is harvested by hand from the trees through a safe and gentle process. Along with using one of the most natural ingredients, we make sure to not utilize any type of harsh chemicals or toxins in yoga mats. Very attractive designs available and best price for cork made yoga mat.


Use and maintenance:

With a little extra care, your Roots Mat lasts long:

1. Always roll the mat solved with cork side out to prevent cracking.

2. Do not leave it in the car or in extremely hot places for long periods of time.

4. After a sweaty practice let the mat dry before storing it for an extended period of time. Do not store the mat unless it is completely dry.

5. Please note that natural rubber can smell something and we recommend airing the mat if it is needed.

To clean the mat:

1. Rinse down both sides with water. Feel free to use a few drops of mild soap or a mat cleans. If using a matte purifier, test on a small section of the mat the first time. Cleaning products with essential oils can stain math, but should not affect the surface performance. If you do not have to clean the entire mat, remove only where there are stains.

2. Let your mat dry completely dry. You can hang it over a chair or lay it flat on the floor.

The majority of the globes yoga floor coverings are made from mass-produced throw-away plastics like PVC, that end up being blazed or hidden in a garbage dump. This causes the launch of unsafe contaminants or their break down right into microplastics that seep right into our seas. Unfortunately, there is no risk-free way to get rid of plastic yoga floor coverings.

As increasingly more yogis are seeking eco-friendly choices – cork has become among one of the most appealing materials. Here are the top 5 reasons to look more very closely at cork as an alternative for your following Yoga mat.

1. Cork Gives You Better Grip

Absolutely nothing saps your power or concentrate like needing to continuously re-adjust your setting on the mat since you’re slipping all over the place. Unlike a synthetic yoga exercise floor covering that loses its grip when damp, which can be both dangerous and also uncomfortable, cork functions simply the contrary. By launching a waxy compound called Suberin, the extra you sweat the grippier cork ends up being. This will certainly keep you firmly grew so you can remain concentrated on your practice.

2. Cork is Self-Cleaning

Cork is naturally antimicrobial: it has compounds called phenolics which kills germs and also fungi. This maintains your mat clean and free from the odor of sweating. Whilst synthetic yoga mats commonly soak up as well as retain poor smells, cork normally repels odors as well as releases a very subtle woody fragrance. This makes cork a great choice for hot yoga or for yoga exercise studios aiming to keep their shared equipment sanitary.

3. Cork provides Stability

The cork surface area has a one-of-a-kind structure that is both elastic and company. Countless small air bubbles inside each cork cell act to support and rebound weight. By absorbing power on influence It keeps you stable on your floor covering, supporting you in even the most demanding postures.

4. Cork is Beautiful to Touch

Corks are wonderfully soft to touch and also feels fantastic on birthday suit. It has a smooth velvety appearance (non-sticky), as well as Its hypoallergenic qualities, make it ideal for any person with sensitive skin. Despite being soft to the touch, cork remains durable and can deal with repeated, requiring usage.

5. Cork is Sustainable

Cork is a natural resource that is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Cork is harvested by stripping the bark of the cork oak tree. The tree lives on simply great (no tree is lowered to generate cork) and also as the tree regrows its bark it absorbs up to 3 times even more CARBON DIOXIDE from the air. Offering an internet positive impact on combating worldwide warming. It is approximated that cork oak trees in Portugal alone assist offset 10 million lots of carbon each year.

If you wish to reduce your reliance on plastic and also contribute to a greener future, it may be time to take a look at the choices. Cork has an unexpected number of favorable high qualities that make it perfectly suitable for practicing yoga exercise on.

If you’re thinking about buying a premium cork yoga mat – know this – there’s absolutely nothing like having your very own lovely yoga exercise mat at home to encourage you towards an everyday yoga method.

cork Yoga mats benefits that will make you feel awesome

The sweater you get, the grippier the mat gets!


1. Cork surface is warm underfoot and insulates heat and cold.

2. Cork’s unique cellular structure with millions of cells enclosed with a gaseous substance, provides a comfortable cushioned surface that gives a soft feeling to the feet and joints of people standing on cork mats for extended periods.

3. Cork yoga mats have a very long life and can be repaired if damaged or given a new look by sanding.

4. Cork tends to repel dust, hair, and other small particles from its surface.

5. It repels small vermin & insects.

6. It is very easy to clean and maintain cork mats.

Some other characteristics of Cork are…

  1. Cork is a completely natural, recurring, and easily renewable material.

  2. It is made from the bark of the Cork Oak, which is grown in the Mediterranean region and has a lifespan of 250 years.

  3. It can be harvested without harming the tree and grows back periodically every few years.

  4. Only about 50% of the bark is removed at the time of harvesting.

  5. It is also biodegradable and will break down into the environment at the end of its life cycle.

  6. Unlike PVC mats, you do not have to worry about breathing in the toxic air anymore.                                                                                           

  7. Cork contains a waxy substance called suberin &  has the property of naturally repelling small vermin and insects.

  8. This makes cork surface resistant to the growth and colonization of these organisms & can, therefore, help to promote the healthiest & clean surface for Yoga practice.

  9. It is ideal for people prone to allergic reactions.

Some top companies link in Portugal for cork yoga mat –

1. https://www.corkcho.com/

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Some companies in the UK-

1. https://www.siestacorktiles.co.uk/

2. http://www.corkfloor.co.uk/

Some companies in Italy-

1. https://www.jadeyoga.eu/?sl=en

2. https://www.care2.com

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