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How to order wine in a restaurant

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order wine in a restaurant

Avoid embarrassing mistakes when ordering wine in restaurants. Learn how to hint at your budget, navigate the notorious ‘wine tasting ritual’ and send a wine back. With advice from our experts, including Decanter columnist Andrew Jefford, chief restaurant critic Fiona Beckett and wine writer and sommelier Emily O’Hare.

Does the restaurant specialize in a certain type of wine?

This guide is for those who have ever reached for a hefty leather-bound wine list in trepidation, or break into a sweat when taking all-important first taste— while the rest of the table looks on expectantly, even though they’re probably equally at sea…

Whether it’s friends, family, clients or dates, make sure they’re blown away by your wine prowess as you seize the wine list and take control.

We’ve got in touch with the wine experts at the top of their game when it comes to ordering wine in a restaurant.

Andrew Jefford is Decanter’s long-standing columnist and will be this year’s Regional Chair for France at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

As Decanter’s chief restaurant critic, wine writer Fiona Beckett knows exactly how to behave when wining and dining. Plus, she has her own website specialising in pairing, Matching Food & Wine.

Emily O’Hare gives the professional’s perspective, as she shares her experience from her years as head sommelier and wine buyer at London’s prestigious River Café.

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