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What Types of Red Wines Are “Good” for You?

by Wine Lover
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ome red wines have significantly higher levels of what science has determined to be the beneficial ingredients found in wine. Evidence also suggests that younger red wines are better than older wines when it comes to health. Find out which red wines are the best for you – and surprise: it’s not Cabernet or Pinot Noir!

We all know that alcohol can be bad for us, especially when consumed irresponsibly. However, imbibing moderately may carry with it some surprising benefits:

What to Look for in “Healthy” Wine

Here are the traits characterize wines that are better for you with respect to health:

Wines that are “dry,” meaning they’re not sweet and have little to no carbs (sugar).
Wines that are lower in alcohol (ideally, 12.5% ABV or less).
Wines that have higher polyphenol content, particularly procyanidins.

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