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We can explain how to use the wine cork stopper for craft and decoration

by Wine Lover
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Some people who are interested in wine cork projects have been saving their corks for years and are burning to start recycling them in new ways. Other people have caught the wine cork bug and are just starting to collect corks. If you don’t already have a cork collection going, here are some tips for acquiring corks.

There are numerous crafts and ideas for your wine corks from wall décor to kitchen tools to garden accessories. No matter what kind of crafty skills you have, there is something here for everyone.

A. One of the most popular cork garden ideas that I found is using corks with bamboo skewers to make plant markers.

B. If you like the look of bamboo bath mats and want a project you can make yourself, this is a great option.

C. A wide variety of picture frames will work for creating a decorated frame, bulletin board, or other wall display.

D. you can use wine cork as wooden and chipboard letters for decoration in your home.

E. If you have hundreds of wine corks saved, try your hand at this wine cork bath mat.


(1) Men and women wears – In a fashion category you can use the wine cork stopper in a jacket. You can also ready at your home with easy procedure. The style is always need new look and already known by creative idea. So if you are lover of fashion so please have a go at one time, it is a different experience.

wine crok clothes


(2) Bracelet and locket cork_crystal_grey– for the young generation and college or school guys this is a surprise thing, they can use a cork stopper as a locket and also bracelet. It will look like a very different and creative. You can also give a gift to your friend on any special day like friendship day.






(3) Photo frame – a different and very long term use of wine cork stopper, at present we are using a plastic or electronic frame and they all are costly. We know you are not satisfied with that type of product because day by day many design launch in the market, but they are not creative. But the wine cork stopper is a creative and unique thing for use; in your home it will look very attractive.


(4) kitchen accessories – a lady also work in kitchen in morning or in evening, and always use small hand tools for cooking or any other work like vegetable cutting, and they use a knife for this work. But sometimes the grip is not good. So you can also use a big size or small size cork stopper for use in kitchen.






(5) For children

In your home for your little children the wine cork stopper is very different thing and very natural, it will use for toys and also study material like small table, and the benefit it’s not heavy weight or harmful. You can also make toys for your children with wine cork stopper.childrencork

The wine cork stopper for craft and decoration.

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