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Taste wine like a professional this summer

by Brayden Rickards
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After a long winter it is time to welcome summer. Summers have everything in it from the golden sunshine to the beautiful flowers. During summer the most interesting thing is to party on a warm summer night. Summer is also the time to try different varieties of wine, so before you welcome this summer it will be a good idea to know how to taste wine like a professional. And apart from that plan a hunter valley winery tour to get the authentic taste of wine. These tips will be beneficial for you during your summer trips.We focus mainly 4 aspects for tasting wines.

Place selection makes clear vision
To experience the true sense of a particular wine, choose a place or room where you will be less distracted with the outer smell or fragrances. Therefore before tasting particular wine make sure that
-The place has proper lighting so that you can see the color of the wine.
-Make sure while tasting your wine you are able to smell the wine purely means you will not get distracted from the outer smells or fragrances.
-When you are tasting more than one wine then make sure that the glasses they provided should be clean.

Wine appearance clears the picture about the wine
When a wine is served for tasting about 60 ml is poured into the glass and you can examine it using your eye. Tilt the glass away from you to examine its color .Observe! For that you have to look the wine against white /pale background and then decide its appearance like
-Whether the wine is clear or full.
-Can you define its intensity i.e. Can you differentiate whether it is pale, deep or somewhere in between?
-Color of the wine can be any white, pale, purple red, brown.
The color of wine gives you a clue whether it is white wine, rose wine or red wine. From color you can estimate the age of the wine and its maturity and also judge about the variety of grapes used.
-The density of the wine droplet can tell you more about it like the heavy one indicates thatit is alcohol rich, and lighter one indicate that it is sweeter wine.

Swirl first before you taste
Swirling is necessary before tasting the wine. It helps to mix oxygen with your wine that is good for your wine at first. So swirl the glass of wine when it comes in contact with air it gets softenedand releasesan aroma and then you can taste it. But keep in mind that excess of air contact will breakdown the wine and leave the wine flat.

Always smell before you Taste
There is a purpose behind sniffing as it interprets and prepares your brain for the upcoming taste. After smelling you can judge the wine
-Its condition either it have a bad smell, clean smell, or nosmell?
-Its intensity (light, medium or pronounced)
-If you are beginner you can recall the aromas of foods that you eat every day and correlate them with your wine.

Taste and then share your experience
This is the most interesting part. First you have to take a sip of wine cover your tongue with that and then split it out .Take a breath in and judge your wine. Judgments can be given in the following categories.
Sweetness– It can be dry, off dry, medium or sweet. Sweetness can be the feeling at the tip of your tongue. In this you can feel a creeping sensation on your tongue.
Body-the body of the wine means to characterize it in the light medium or full.
Acidity– It can be high, zesty and dull. High acidic wines make your mouth full. During this when you rub your tongue on the roof of your mouth you feel a harsh texture.
Tannin-It can feel along the sides of your tongue in this you feel like a sandpaper sensation on your tongue.
Flavor– Your wine flavor can be related to fruits, spices, leaves, herbs, vegetables, or even wood.
Length-the length of wine can be any long or short finish. A long finish wine indicates that it if of high quality.
After going through the whole process you can give your reviews and share your experiences with your friends. A good quality wine has the combination of these entire features. Now you have a better idea about wine tasting and you will able to enjoy good wine.

Do your homework for the trip
Now wineries have a vast rangeof wines, so it is important to do some extra homework to make your trip memorable. Do some research and set the goal for this summer wine tour.

-prepare a list of wineries and get their opening and closing times. Check how much they charge for tasting and then make your plan accordingly.
-Wine gives you too many choices .Decide what kind of wine you are looking for and plan your tour accordingly. For example if you are fond of fruit wines you can research on fruit wineries.
-You can plan your tour with new vs. old wineries in your check list.

Author Bio: – Brayden is a wine taster and an avid tarveler. In his free time Brayden loves to travel around Australia and follow his passion of tasting different types of wines. In his free time Brayden loves to write and writes about his travels and wine tour experiences.

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